The volume that square prism is nothing but the complete amount of vacuum or an are that is lived in by the prism which has a square as its base. A square prism is a three-dimensional cuboid. In the square prism, the base and also top are congruent squares. The continuing to be 4 faces of the square prism are rectangles. In this article, we will cover the method behind calculating the volume of a square prism.

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1.What Is the Volume that Square Prism?
2.How To calculate the Volume of Square Prism?
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What Is the Volume of Square Prism?

The volume of a square prism is described as the quantity of space occupied by a 3-dimensional prism that has two congruent square bases and also four rectangular faces are well-known as the volume of square prism. It is measure in cubic units. The volume that a prism is the product that the cross-sectional area and also its length. The cross-sectional area is additionally known together the base area of the square prism.

Volume that Square Prism Formula

Let us consider a square prism with a square base.V = Area of basic × height of the prism...(1)Area of base = a × a = a2 (Since the bases room squares and also the area of the square is edge2)Height of prism = hOn substituting the values in (1)The volume of square prism formula: a2 hWhere,

a = next of a square prismh = elevation of the square prism


How To calculation the Volume of Square Prism?

The procedures to identify the volume that a square prism are:

Step 1: note down the offered dimensions of the square prism. Such that a = side of a square prism, a2 = base area, h = height of the square prism. Keep in mind that the devices of a and also h must be the same.Step 2: substitute the particular dimensions in the volume that square prism formula a2 h.Step 3: The worth of the volume that the square prism is obtained and write the unit that the volume the the square prism in terms of units3.

Let us consider the complying with example:

Example: If the size of the side of the square face of a square prism is 7 inches and also its elevation is 10 inches, find the volume of square prism.


Given: side of the square prism, a = 7 inches; height of the square prism, h = 10 inches; using the volume the square prism formula:The volume the a square prism, V = a2h. Substituting the values of a = 7, h = 10V = 72 × 10V = 490 inch3Therefore, the volume of square prism is 490 inch3.

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Example 2: The volume of a square prism is 784 inches3 and the elevation of a square prism is 16 customs respectively. Discover the edge of the square prism.

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Solution:Given parameters, the elevation of prism (h) = 16 inches and also volume that a square prism is 784 inches3Volume that square prism = a2h cubic devices = (a2) × (h).Where "a" is an edge of the square prism base and also "h" is the height of the prism.On substituting the worths in the formula784 = (a2) × (16)a2 = 784 ÷ 16a2 = 49a = √49a = 7 inches.