there are numerous wholesome Pokémon out there, yet none may truly be together wholesome together the Chansey line. This pink, tenderness ovoid Pokémon is ideal remembered as being the assistant to Nurse Joys everywhere the Pokémon world. Chansey"s last form, Blissey, is claimed to comfort those feeling sad through the overwhelming love it carries v it and also will walk to anyone it senses feeling down. Because the egg the this Pokémon is so valuable and overhunted, it has a restricted population and often stays in protected locations or cities. Chansey is component of the group of Pokémon included to the Galar dex after ~ the upgrade that came with the DLC that Pokémon Sword and Shield, despite you do not should purchase that to gain the Pokedex update. Learn about why this Pokémon renders such a good battler as much it does a cuddler!

Location and also How come Evolve

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Chansey deserve to be uncovered everywhere in the DLC wild areas, indigenous the areas of respect to Honeycalm Island. They appear in many weather climates. Need to you have chosen not to buy the growth pass, you have a couple of options. First, you can have someone through a video game with accessibility to the area profession you one, or you deserve to do that yourself making use of a handy dandy new system called Pokémon Home. Home is a cloud company mobile app that allows you to profession Pokemon between games, so girlfriend can bring one end from a lets Go video game or among the 3DS titles. In connection with you"re using the latter route, you"ll have to put the Chansey or Happiny into Pokémon financial institution first, and also then move it come Home, whereby you have the right to put it into your knife or Shield game.

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now let"s speak you brought it over however either friend would favor to raise yours indigenous a Happiny or simply want one come fill her Pokdex. What you"ll need to do because that this is go to the Hulbury market (the city wherein Nessa"s gym is) and also purchase a happy Incense indigenous the Incense saleswoman. Placed it on your Chansey and also then location the Pokémon into the daycare through a Ditto as its partner and you should have a small bundle of pleasure on your hands an extremely shortly.

come evolve your Happiny, you"ll have to level it up during the daytime while it"s hold an Oval Stone. Girlfriend can uncover one in the water in the Courageous Cavern in Isle of Armor or make one utilizing the Cram-O-Matic through one wiki berry and also three Dynamax candies. If you carry out not have actually the development Pass, it is best if girlfriend make sure your Pokémon is stop the stone when you carry it end from another game. They are frequently held by wild Happiny in the Sun and Moon games, therefore this shouldn"t be too lot of an concern if you"re going the route. Chansey evolve right into their last form, Blissey, with high friendship. In stimulate to accomplish this, merely keep in her party, usage it in battle, walk approximately with it, etc. If possible, avoid letting that faint due to the fact that this deserve to inhibit the procedure of development by friendship. Fortunately, it has a really high HP that makes it difficult to knock out, a plus among many other of its fight qualities.

how To usage Blissey

as a normal-type Pokémon, it"s slightly challenging to obtain Blissey to perform a the majority of damage, yet its tanky HP makes it perfect to bring into Dynamax raids together a support party member. It"s very own move, Soft Boiled, will save it alive while moves favor Heal Pulse and Life Dew will assist out the various other team members since Dynamax raids can end if sufficient Pokémon faint. Because that one combatant move, Double-Edge is perfect since Chansey"s assistance moves can counteract it"s damage to the user effect.

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Source: Serebii , Dot Esports

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