Chansey is just one of the ideal tanks girlfriend can get in sword & Shield. Here"s just how you have the right to evolve the fan-favorite Pokemon.

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Featured - Pokemon Sword and Shield how to evolve Chansey
Chansey remains an iconic Pokemon due to the fact that her Generation ns appearance, all the method to the recent Pokemon Sword and also Shield. This Normal-type Pokemon is renowned for her appearances together her duty beside Nurse delight in the Pokemon Center, being she go-to heal companion. Players that love Chansey can get one transparent the series, yet Chansey"s organize a pretty significant surprise; their development isn"t dependent on level.

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At first glance, Chansey"s evolution Blissey seems favor an plain Normal-type with an abundance of wings. However, Blissey"s development from Chansey walk come through some perks and unique traits. Having arrived in Sword and also Shield with the Isle that Armor DLC, football player can lastly get your hands top top a Blissey with their beloved Chanseys.

The Basics that Chansey

Chansey in Pokemon Sword and Shield
gift a Pokemon native Generation I, practically anyone would acknowledge Chansey. Known ideal for being Nurse Joy"s companion, most consider Chansey a support Pokemon and one the the cutest of she generation. So, to view Chansey in complete 3D glory courtesy of Sword and Shield will make any player desire her for their team.

wherein is Chansey Located?

Chansey place in Pokemon Sword and Shield
before players can acquire a Chansey, they"ve gained to get one first. With Sword and Shield, acquiring a Chansey is dependant ~ above which version of the video game they have.

Base Sword and Shield (V1.2.0+): With the base game, players have the right to only obtain Chansey via Trading. They can additionally only trade for a Chansey if their version of the game is V1.2.0 and above. Expansion happen (Isle of Armor): If players acquire the Isle of Armor expansion, players deserve to finally obtain Chansey in a wide selection of areas. As result of her nature together a Normal Pokemon, Chansey is located in a most common areas within the Isle the Armor. This include: Brawlers" cave difficulty Beach and difficulty Road Courageous Cavern fields of honor or the woodland of focus Honeycalm Island Insular Sea, Stepping-Stone Sea, or workout Sea Loop Lagoon Potbottom Desert reassuring Wetlands cultivate Lowlands Warm-Up Tunnel

Blissey in the wild
At she core, Chansey seems naturally developed as a assistance member of the party. Depending on her build, Chansey can come to be a full-blown support member or even get the chance to tank versus the toughest that foes because of her organic moveset. Once using a Chansey, it may also aid for players to take keep in mind of details perks that they deserve to take full benefit of:

Fight Dynamax Opponents. Thanks to Dynamaxing, Pokemon can gain an leaf in combat many thanks to short-lived bulked-up forms. With Chansey"s overwhelming defense, she can become a great tank come waste the turns of otherwise an effective Dynamax opponents. Get her the Eviolite. The organized Item Eviolite only works with Pokemon that deserve to still evolve. As soon as Chansey hold this, she it s okay a an increase in unique Defense and also Defense. This buffs her defense, permitting her come tank damage especially from an ext common Fighting-type opponents. Counter Ghost-types. By nature, Chansey isn"t influenced by Ghost-type moves. Chansey doesn"t have actually the method to to win back, though. When encountering Ghost-type opponents, Chansey should discover a means to disable them and also switch the end as shortly as possible.

Abilities: developed For Healing

when acquired, Chansey can carry out a broad array of capability that can enhance her ability to heal and support herself and also her comrades. Players must take keep in mind of this abilities once leveling up Chansey before her evolutionary process:

Natural Cure: With this, Chansey deserve to cure all status difficulties of her teammates whenever they get switched out. Serene Grace: With this, Chansey have the right to increase the chances of buffs having boosted effects. Healer (Hidden): Albeit a covert Ability, Chansey"s Healer can aid cure one ally"s status conditions.

kind Awareness

being a monotype Pokemon, Chansey Trainers have to take keep in mind of certain type relationships whenever she start combat. Being a Normal Pokemon, right here are Chansey"s relationships with other Pokemon:

Fighting-type: Take double Damage. Chansey takes dual damage as soon as taking on Fighting-type moves. Rock-type/Steel-type: Deal fifty percent Damage. Chansey"s Normal-type moves just deal fifty percent damage versus Rock and Steel-types. Ghost-type: No damages Multiplier. Chansey is unaffected through Ghost-type moves, and also her Normal-type move don"t impact Ghost-types.

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encourage Moveset

once summoned in combat, Chansey"s ideal movesets prioritize she potential to end up being a behemoth in terms of defense. Provided her protective nature, Chansey doesn"t get the ideal of moves through regard to offense. Players who want to usage Chansey properly in combat should accommodate certain holes in her defense, i m sorry is where several of her much more aggressive moves come in:

Seismic Toss: This attack inflicts damage equal come the level that the user. Albeit not a strong attack in itself, Seismic Toss is a reliable attack that can work versus non-Ghost-types. Stealth Rock: This trap move will hurt Pokemon top top the opponent side the gets summoned in combat. The move itself transaction chip damage, however enough chip damages can become quite debilitating in the long run. Thunder Wave: This move can Paralyze its target. While Chansey doesn"t have extremely solid moves, the Paralysis native Thunderwave deserve to encourage her to move up with a DPS partner to eliminate foes quickly. Soft-Boiled: This move have the right to restore the HP through an amount equal to 50-percent the its Max HP. Chansey can use this to substantially improve she survivability in combat. Evolving Chansey: go into Blissey

Blissey in Pokemon Sword and also Shield
together though Chansey"s cuteness isn"t enough, this Pokemon has actually an evolved type in the type of Blissey. This kind of Chansey it s okay a pair that curls on optimal of her head, and she it s okay wings included to her frame. Resembling an angel, Blissey is a identify must-have for Trainers who want few of the cutest Pokemon amongst their ranks.

uneven other Pokemon, evolving Chansey right into Blissey isn"t as straightforward as simply reaching a certain level or possessing a certain item. Rather, come evolve Chansey successfully, Trainers need to achieve details requirements while utilizing them to trigger the evolution:

Get 220 Happiness. At its core, Chansey evolves into Blissey by afford 220 pleasure with her. Being successful in this undertaking can be done efficiently through this process: emphasis on the Camp. Together players know, the Camp is where they have the right to play and also cook through their Pokemon - basically a ar to increase their Happiness. Level increase after reaching 220 Happiness. By the moment Chansey reaches 220 Happiness, she"s all set to evolve. To perform this, players merely need come fight until Chansey manages to level up.

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fans who thought Chansey is cute sufficient probably haven"t checked out her baby identical - Happiny. This cute bundle of joy serves together Chansey"s precursor, gift able come evolve into her through meeting particular conditions.

comparable to Blissey, Happiny has actually very specific evolutionary requirements:

Level up during the Day. To totally evolve Happiny right into Chansey, they must level increase this baby Pokemon during the day. It doesn"t issue which time of the day, and also there"s no certain level requirement. They simply need to have actually Chansey level up at any point during the daytime, when holding an Oval Stone. Is Blissey A Good Pokemon?
acquisition after Chansey, Blissey is arguably one of the ideal tanking Pokemon the end there. Gift a herbal support member, Blissey can take on considerable damage come ensure enemies are roughed up before her allies can finish the struggle on she behalf. Football player who want to take it full benefit of their Blissey could want to take keep in mind of these things as well:

Take Down distinct Attackers. While Blissey does have a weak Defense stat, her durability still enables her to take it on distinct Attacks and also survive. This provides her quite the effective tank versus Special Attackers. Get expert Belt. With this organized Item, Blissey it s okay a decent boost of strength whenever she uses moves that are super effective versus other foes. Watch the end for Fighting Types. Like Chansey, Blissey is weak versus Fighting-types, for this reason players need to take note of this when dealing with opponents.

Abilities: Amped increase Healing

prefer Chansey, Blissey has actually the same special Abilities associated with her. In turn, this advanced version the Chansey can greatly improve a team"s survivability as result of her herbal buffs and also heals:

Natural Cure: With this, Blissey have the right to cure all status ailments that the team at any time they acquire switched out. Serene Grace: With this, Blissey can increase the probability of buffs triggering with increased effects. Healer (Hidden): While a covert Ability, Blissey"s Healer can assist cure a teammate"s status ailments.

kind Awareness

because Blissey remains a monotype Pokemon and not a dual-type, she needs to take keep in mind of her kind relationships together a Normal Pokemon. For players, right here are particular things to take note of:

Fighting-type: Take double Damage. Blissey receives double damages when acquisition on Fighting-type moves. Rock-type/Steel-type: Deal Half Damage. Blissey"s Normal type moves just deal half damage against Rock and also Steel-type Pokemon. Ghost-type: No damages Multiplier. Blissey continues to be unaffected by Ghost-type moves, and also her Normal-type move don"t impact Ghost-types.

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encourage Moveset

If Trainers raise Blissey to acquire decent HP and Special Attack, she can end up being a behemoth that a tank in combat. Whereas Chansey is a much more defensive Pokemon, Blissey"s perks permit her to dish out stronger assaults that change her into a potent damages dealer. If equipped with an skilled Belt, Blissey have the right to unleash a large barrage of solid attacks.

and also even when faced with dual-type creatures, Blissey through a common type moveset can attend to them nice quickly:

Flamethrower: With this Fire-type move, Blissey can dish out substantial flames and leave adversaries Burned. Ice Beam: Thanks to this Ice-type move, Blissey can call upon freezing cold to stun opponents and leave lock Frozen. Thunder: With this Electric-type move, Blissey can contact a thunderbolt to damage and also Paralyze foes. Soft-Boiled: This move can restore that is HP with an amount same to 50-percent of its Max HP. Blissey can use this to greatly improve her survivability in combat.

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