The longevity of a coating partly depends on how well the adheres to the surface of the concrete. The ideal adhesion requires a clean floor, free of laitance and contaminants.

Laitance is a weak, milky accumulation of fine corpuscle of cement dust, lime and sand fines top top the surface of new concrete, usually led to by an overabundance of water bleeding come the surface.

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What Is Etching Concrete

Acid etching is the process of applying hydrochloric/muriatic or buffered phosphoric acid to a slab, then rinsing the off with water. For plenty of years, it to be a standard an approach of concrete preparation provided by almost all industrial, commercial and also institutional floor coating installers, relying on the floor size and system to it is in installed.

Today, safer, eco-friendlier and an ext consistent concrete prep methods are the norm. Many coating manufacturers no longer recommend mountain etching because that a multitude that reasons.

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Acid Etching results Are Inconsistent

Acid etching clears laitance, yet cannot remove curing link or plenty of of the contaminants discovered in industrial settings, such together oily deposits and water-insoluble materials, any type of of which deserve to interfere v the adhesion the a coating.


Improper surface ar preparation can an outcome in poor bond and lack of coating adhesion.

Additionally, because every slab is different, the results can be unpredictable and also unreliable, also when the process is done by knowledgeable professionals. The surface can end up uneven, over-etched, or under-etched.

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Acid Etching Concrete Creates just a Minimal Profile

Concrete surface Profile, or CSP, as identified by the worldwide Concrete fix Institute (ICRI), is a standardized measure for the ‘roughness’ the a given concrete surface. This can variety from CSP-1 (smoothest) to CSP-9 (roughest). The more thick the coating system, the greater the forced CSP number.

Acid etching tends to create a CSP-1 to CSP-2 profile, which is an ideal for only for an extremely thin systems, such as the low solids, solvent-based coatings that the past. Today’s low emissions and also solvent cost-free industrial, commercial and also institutional resinous flooring solution tend to be much thicker, inquiry CSP-3 come CSP-9 for finest bond and performance; this essentially renders mountain etching obsolete. Home builders look to mechanically concrete preparation, such as diamond grinding, shot-blasting and also scabbling to create the greater CSPs needed.

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Acid Etching Can damages the Slab

The chemical reaction the occurs once an acid solution is used to concrete is an overwhelming to that s right predict and also control. When applied to the surface, over-etching can easily occur, often making the surface much more porous. Once the mountain is finally rinsed indigenous the surface, the water can much more easily enter the porous slab, leading to potential corrosion of steel rebar and eventual weakening of the whole slab structure.

What does Etching Concrete do to Humans and the Environment

It is not surprising that any type of physical call with specific acids can reason chemical burns or various other injuries. Lesser known, however, is that even inhaling the fumes from concentrated muriatic acid is exceptionally dangerous, because it deserve to turn the moisture in the windpipe and also lungs into a virtual acid solution. Even with safety and security equipment, the dangers remain significant.

Clean to wash water is introduced to the floor after the etching reaction is completed. This neutralizes the acid solution to a particular degree, provided the rinsing is done correctly. Nevertheless, plenty of local and federal organ have applied restrictions on washing the equipment (“neutralized” or not) down the floor drain, as result of the threat posed to waterways and also the setting as a whole.

Acid Etching Can include Time and Cost to a Project

Regulations for warehousing and shipping high concentration acids entails multiple security measures and extensive paperwork, hence increasing expense on etching products.


Finally, acid etching introduces water come the concrete, which is finest avoided with many of today’s zero V.O.C. And also ultra-high solids coatings. As soon as the substrate is saturated, the contractor should then decision to either wait any variety of days for the slab to fully dry or choose a moisture tolerant primer that may include cost to the project. Prepping via mechanically means, fairly than mountain etching, deserve to be much faster and far an ext economical.

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