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As v the other entries in the speak to of Duty series, the pc edition of speak to of Duty: human being at War has cheat codes that you won"t discover in the console versions. For example, you have the right to get accessibility to every weapon, disable foe AI, and even walk through walls.

These cheats are specifically for the home windows version. Over there are separate cheats for speak to of Duty: civilization at war for playstations 3 and also the Wii version.


Replace map code v the password for the map that you are at this time on. Because that example, if you"re on the tough Landing level, go into devmap pel2 to turn on cheats.

A full list that map codes is noted below. To see the name of the current map, form map right into the cheat console and also press Enter.

Cheat password

After enabling cheats for the existing map, go into one of the adhering to codes in ~ the console window to activate the equivalent cheat.

God Modegod
All Weaponsgive all
Disable AInotarget
Walk v Wallsnoclip
List Mapsmapname
Display present Map Codemap
Change Mapsdevmapmap code
Black-and-white Modesf_use_bw 1
Infinite Ammosf_use_ignoreammo 1
Photo negative Modesf_use_invert 1
Sepia Modesf_use_chaplin 1
All weapons Have Laserscg_laserForceOn 1

Semper Fimak
Little Resistancepel1
Hard Landingpel2
Their Land, their Bloodsee1
Burn "em Outpel1a
Blood and Ironsee2
Ring that Steelber1
Black Catspby_fly
Blowtorch and Corkscrewoki2
Breaking Pointoki3
Heart the the Reichber3
Nacht der Untotennazi_zombie_prototype

If you go into a code for a map other than the one you are right now on, you"re transported to the suggested map with cheat mode enabled.

how to Activate cheats in Co-op mode

You should collect an enig Death Cards during the main campaign in stimulate to usage cheats in co-op mode. They space usually found near the abandoned equipment of fallen soldiers.

Veteran mode increases the difficulty of opponents in co-op games. Achieve level 32 in multiplayer come unlock Veteran mode.Zombie mode or Nacht der Untoten, is playable after girlfriend beat the solo campaign. When unlocked, play by yourself or through others at any type of time.

whereby to uncover the Ray weapons

During the "Little Resistance" mission, discover four holes in the ground on the mainland. Stand in each hole momentarily from right to left come make four statues emerge. Every one will certainly be stop a beam gun for your taking.

control Your tools

Much of the game"s challenge comes in the form of perform management. Girlfriend can lug no more than two guns at one time, and also you lose one of the weapons you"re at this time holding as soon as you pick up another one. Therefore, organize on to an effective weapons favor the Flamethrower because that as lengthy as friend can.

exactly how to counter Banzai attacks

You might sometimes check out a switch prompt show up briefly top top the screen when an adversary charges at you. Push the correct button fast enough to pull turn off a counter-attack.

food preparation Grenades

Enemies deserve to toss the grenades you throw right earlier at you, so organize down the grenade button for a few seconds come "cook" castle first. Time it so the the grenade explodes ~ above impact, however don"t organize on because that too long or it"ll punch up in her face.

obey Your leaders

Paying fist to your commanders" advice have the right to save your life. Because that example, they"ll phone call you when you have to cover fire or throw a grenade, so keep the volume ~ above your computer high enough to hear them.

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Zombie mode

Zombie setting is a secret game you deserve to play after watching the finish credits. The score of this arcade-style mini-game is to safeguard your cabin native incoming zombies for as lengthy as possible. The enemies get increasingly tougher, and the onslaught never ever ends, but you"ll unlock brand-new weapons every time you knife 1000 points.