Why cut Guinea Pig"s nail is Important

Guinea pigs require constant nail clipping and should be excellent no much less than once a month. If guinea pig’s nails are not effectively taken treatment of, this might lead come curvature of the nails which have the right to lead to the nails possibly farming into the footpad. Another an effect of not routinely trimming her guinea pig’s pond is the it can lead to damage to the skin from open up wounds to the feet, ultimately leading to bumblefoot. By frequently trimming guinea pig’s pond this avoids the blood it is provided from farming closer to the tip and minimizes other discomfort for your guinea pigs. Help to maintain ideal nail length is crucial duty as a guinea pig parent that must not be neglected.

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When cutting your guinea pig"s nails, that is crucial to do them feel comfortable when you execute it. Laying a liner such together ubraintv-jp.com Liner on a table or on her lap will help ensure your guinea pigs get a familiar feel when they step on it also when they are taken the end of their living space.

How to understand Where to Cut


If your guinea pig’s nail is translucent climate it is quite easy come spot wherein the fast is. The fast is the pink component center that the nail that has the blood supply! If your guinea pig’s nail is black, some often tend to shine a flashlight ideal underneath the guinea pig’s nails, which may help you obtain an idea of where the blood vessel might be. Avoid cutting also close to the rapid as that may reason discomfort yet trim the pond so you space trimming over the quick.

Step through Step guide to Properly cut a Guinea Pig’s Nail

Step One: conference the suitable Materials


Nail ClippersHuman pond Clippers or tiny Animal nail ClippersThe difference in between the two is the human"s clippers don"t open as wide while small animal clippers have tendency to be the guillotine format nail clippers and also have a broader opening.This powder is used in the scenario that you accidentally reduced your guinea pig"s nail too deep. When this happens, you would have accidentally cut the quick. By using the powder, it will assist stop the bleeding.Also in situation the nails are cut too deep, use the towel come wipe the blood and also the area.

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Step Two: host Onto your Guinea Pig


If this is the an initial time you’re attempting to reduced your guinea pig’s nails then this might be a little tricky because some guinea pigs don"t choose to obtain picked up. Rest yourself ~ above the floor and also have your guinea pig on your lap or place lock on a table so the your guinea pig"s bottom will certainly be supported throughout the nail cutting process. Before proceeding any type of further, provide some act or veggies so the your guinea pig will feel relaxed. Step Three: Gently and Securely grab a Leg and Let the occupational Begin


After her guinea pig has relaxed, gently pick a leg and secure it. If they happen to strain too much, then allow them to relax again before continuing further. Once your guinea pig has regained composure, you can shot again to tenderness secure a foot, and begin to precisely cut your guinea pigs nail.Make sure you"re not cutting too close to the "quick" together it can cause discomfort to your guinea pigs.If girlfriend do occur to cut too deep, quickly apply the Styptic Powder, which must stop the bleeding quickly.At this suggest your guinea pig might be as well scared come continue, so offer them part time to relax again by giving treats and/or new veggies.Once your guinea pig is feeling peaceful again, repeat the process and trim the nails one in ~ a time!Step Four: carry out Treats/Veggies for positive Reinforcement


By giving treats and also veggies during and after the procedure of cutting their nails, you will certainly be positively reinforcing pond clippings v treat time. So make certain you have actually plenty of vegetables and treats prepared to give.

What to execute if cutting Guinea Pig’s nail is an overwhelming for You

Cutting guinea pig’s nail is overall something the is not too daunting for veterinarians so call your neighborhood vets to view if they can take treatment of this for you. Because it’s a fairly easy task, it shouldn’t be as well expensive and also should it is in done relatively quickly!


It might be a rather daunting task in ~ first, however as friend get more practice, you and your guinea pigs should grow accustomed to the steps, which will make it much easier down the road!

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