Many gamings have taunts to permit your personality to perform something funny and also insulting. While this are regularly purely for fun and display, Team Fortress 2 (TF2) taunts are occasionally much much more than that. Several of them deserve to kill, heal, or upgrade.

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However, due to the fact that the Manniversary upgrade & Sale, these items are currently tradable, as long as they’ve remained in the purchaser’s perform for more than seven days. The account must also have to buy something in ~ the critical 30 days.

You can acquire cheaper taunts from other websites and trading through players, however we’ll get to that later.

3. Trade Taunts

You can trade taunts with other players. Trading for TF2 items calls for the usage of Steam, and the profession is performed using the launcher’s interface. You deserve to initially profession eight items, split into rows of 4 slots

However, Premium account holders who desire to trade more than that will spot additional rows that four, permitting them come trade much more items. The more items you traction in, the an ext rows will certainly appear, totaling 256 slots. If you regulate to score a great haul, you’ll it is in dragging and dropping a lot.

Thus, trading approximately 256 items at when requires a Premium account. Non-premium accounts will only get eight slots to work-related with.

Trading because that taunts is excellent by dragging and also dropping the agreed-upon items once the steam window pops up.

4. Article Drops

Occasionally, you can acquire taunts as rare article drops. They’re very rare, and also you shouldn’t bank on them. If you do get lucky, you can always tell her friends.


The best way to get taunts is come buy from ar websites. The Mann Co. Store is the second-best choice. The other methods aren’t very reliable and also shouldn’t be her primary way other than acquiring Director’s Cut.

How to craft Taunts in Team Fortress 2?

In the Mann Co. Store, taunts are provided as “Craftable,” but you can’t actually craft a taunt. The brand is there to denote that taunts space ingredients for other craftable items. Plenty of players have been puzzled by this label and hunted for ways to craft.

In the main menu, select “Items” in the Customize section.
By default, you’ll begin at the loadout tab. Choose the movie reel icon at the bottom.
After selecting a slot, choose the taunt you want to equip and also repeat if friend wish.

These taunts deserve to be provided in-game anytime you’re top top land. You can’t taunt when you’re underwater or in the air. Any type of incoming damages and impact will publication the taunt and also you’ll have to fight back.

How to usage Taunts in Team Fortress 2?

When you simply killed an enemy, push ‘’Q’’ and select the taunt you great to use. Your enemy will be stuck looking at you with a third-person angle because that a couple of seconds until respawn, therefore they won’t be able to miss it. You use your computer mouse to move to the desired taunt or one analog stick for controllers.

We’ve stated taunts that deserve to kill. These are dubbed kill taunts, and also they deserve to kill all however the most Overhealed enemies, most of the time. Each kill taunt is different, but setting them increase is comparable across the board.

Here’s exactly how you kill through taunts:

Select a target to kill through your taunt.Move towards the target, preferably there is no them noticing.Taunt.

Some taunts need a many preparation time. Because of this, friend should recognize the timing. If you miss out on or swing too early, you’ll end up looking foolish instead of humiliating your opponent.

Kill taunts have actually differing damage values, usually much more than 400 to inflict a one-hit kill. Heavy with best Overheal deserve to withstand almost all kill taunts.

There space some exception to this, however. Spy’s Fencing taunt kills in 3 hits nevertheless of HP – 2 hits doe 50 damage and the 3rd deals 500. Not even a completely Overhealed Heavy deserve to withstand this, and it can additionally destroy engineer buildings.

Pyro’s Armageddon and Execution death taunts only deal 400 damage, i beg your pardon won’t death a hefty with best Overheal.

A specifically deadly death taunt is Heavy’s Showdown taunt. He forms a finger gun v his right hand that kills everyone is in former of him. That can even go through little holes if the player has great aim.

In some cases, the class’ equipped weapon can adjust the kill taunt’s nature slightly. Some weapons reduce the damages while rather yield distinct results.

You can likewise use capability taunts, i m sorry don’t directly damages enemies. These have actually a myriad of effects; all positive.

For example, Heavy’s Nomming taunt will carry out him with a variety of boosts and healing. The impact depends ~ above what food the pulls the end of his lunchbox. The Buffalo Steak Sandvich (spelled this way) will make him usage his melee weapon only but move 35% faster and also take 25% much more weapon damages for 15 seconds.

Using capability taunts requires an excellent positioning and timing, as opponents can release the animation. If you control to activate the effects, it way you’ve done it right.

Where deserve to I purchase Taunts in TF2?

You have the right to buy taunts in the Mann Co. Store in-game, yet this is much an ext expensive. Instead, the TF2 neighborhood has started several web page that enable players to acquisition taunts at a much reduced price. Note that this websites aren’t affiliated through Valve, so proceed at your own risk.

DMarket is a well-known website the you deserve to buy TF2 taunts on. The price are quite cheap, sometimes at only a few dollars because that taunts. You can select the ideal price and also purchase the taunt you want after registering.


You need to sign in to ScrapTF v Steam. The website is automated, despite you have the right to reach the support team if there’s an issue. Originally, the site was for TF2 only yet has since expanded to include much more games. is an additional option because that taunts. Few of the taunts get much more expensive, however you deserve to find almost anything you want in here.


Because these sites room community-run, Valve won’t be responsible if you gain scammed or tricked. You must only profession if you’re confident. Always practice caution when using websites choose this because that buying and also trading TF2 taunts.

A finish List of every Taunts in TF2

While us don’t have a finish list of all taunts that TF2 ~ above one page, we can straight you come the TF2 Wiki Taunts page. If you scroll down, over there is a section referred to as “Taunts by Class.” choose the class you want and also browse through the lists.

Click right here to open up the Wiki page and also subsection.

Haha, I killed You v a Taunt!

Kill taunts room entertaining ways to kill the enemy, specifically if you time it perfectly. Now that friend know how to gain them and also use them, you might be able to create a montage. Buy her taunts from third-party website to save money too.

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Which taunt is your favorite? have you regulated to land a taunt kill? permit us understand in the comments ar below.