The Book and also Quill is a fun item that permits you to create a book that you have the right to write into and also save to leave behind for her friends or simply to log particular things away. Producing them is a little bit more difficult than a constant book, but without step-by-step tutorial we"ll present you exactly how to do a Book and Quill in Minecraft!

How to make a Book and Quill

To do a Book and Quill in Minecraft, we"re going to need paper and leather to develop the book. After ~ that, we"re walk to require to find an squid Sac and Feather to revolve it right into the last product. All of these items require us to find some details plants or animals, so we"ll be doing some exploring about the map!

Step 1: find the Ingredients because that Paper

Paper is a little tricky to make because we"re walking to need Sugar Cane. This spawns close to water, for this reason you might need come go find for it a bit. Here"s an instance of what the looks like:


When you discover some, make certain to punch it at the bottom due to the fact that it will totally break and you deserve to collect that quicker. I recommend planting some of this close to some water at your base due to the fact that it grows reasonably quickly and you"ll have a it is provided of it constantly available!

Step 2: create Paper

Once you"ve got some street Cane, you deserve to make piece of paper. You"ll need three cane because that each piece of paper. We"ll need three pieces of paper for every book, so three Sugar Cane will be sufficient for a solitary book! Here"s the recipe for paper:


You can additionally find paper in chests, which can be found in Shipwrecks, Strongholds, and Villages. This clear isn"t going to be a secure supply, for this reason you"re always far better off producing an area come plant street Cane!

Step 3: discover Leather

Leather isn"t too difficult to find, however you"ll should locate details animals to obtain it. What you need to find are cows, mooshrooms, horses, donkeys, mules, llamas, or hoglins. When you kill one of these, you have actually a chance to get 0 - 2 leather per animal. Alternatively, if you find yourself some rabbits, you can turn four rabbit hide right into one leather.

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If friend can discover cows, I"d recommend starting a farm by fencing lock in and also breeding them. You can then kill part for the animal leather you require. If you have an fascinating weapon through Looting, the amount of leather rises by each level! We need one item of leather because that each publication we"re going to create.

Step 4: develop the Book

Now that us have file and leather we can put castle together! because it"s only 4 ingredients you have the right to do this in your inventory or a crafting Table. Here"s the recipes to develop a book:


Step 5: uncover Chickens or Parrots because that Feathers

We now require to acquire a feather, which have the right to be obtained by killing chickens or parrots. Chickens space going to usually be the easiest to find since they randomly generate on grassy biomes. I would certainly recommend gathering some seeds from break grass or harvest wheat crops. You have the right to use this to get chickens to follow you! carry them ago to your base and create a fence in area for them for this reason you deserve to breed them. This means you have the right to have as many feathers as you could ever want!

Parrots deserve to only be discovered in jungle biomes, but they room a pretty rare spawn. They come in a variety of colors and also can be domesticated by feeding castle seeds. Unfortunately, girlfriend can"t breed parrots currently, which renders chickens the ideal option for farming.

You can likewise find feather in chests in Shipwrecks and in Villages. So, if you just want to make a couple of Book and also Quills then you won"t have to hunt down animals.

Step 6: uncover Squid because that an squid Sac

Squid spawn in little groups in water based biomes like river, ocean, and their variants. Lock are quite common, and also you should uncover them if you follow the assorted rivers of your seed, or friend paddle/swim approximately the ocean a bit. As soon as you kill among these they have the possibility of dropping 1 - 3 octopus Sacs. We need at least one, but if you want to create more then you should obtain as many as you need!


Step 6: create the Book and also Quill

We have lastly gathered every one of the important parts to do our Book and Quill! Now, simply place the book, feather, and Ink Sac and also place it into a your inventory do area or a crafting Table.

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That"s every you have to do, you will have actually yourself a Book and also Quill that you can write in!

Using the Book and Quill

The Book and also Quill is an amazing item because you deserve to write in it together a newspaper of sorts or even take notes. Girlfriend can also write something in it, sign the book, and also it will be turned right into a written book. Once this occurs, the publication can no much longer be edited. So, if you wanted to leave some info behind for an additional player, then making use of this is a great method. It"s also a nice way to include some lore right into your story or role-play! There"s a whole lot of points you deserve to do with this items that will certainly enrich your following playthrough.

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