While the Sony PSP is an excellent entertainment device, some attributes that could have been beneficial to PSP customers were left out. The PSP attributes Wi-Fi capability, but on that is own, you have the right to only usage the Wi-Fi to connect to the game stations Network or to play a game versus another player v a PSP. TVersity was created to allow PSP users transfer data native their computer to their PSP without utilizing a USB cable.

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Download TVersity. When you"ve downloaded the installation file, double-click top top the record to download the software. Follow the on-screen prompts till the software has actually been installed.

Start the TVersity software application by clicking on the “Start” button, then under “All Programs” choose the “TVersity Media Server” folder, then click “TVersity Media Server.”

Click on “Library” once TVersity has started, climate click “Add Item.” In the home window that pops up, click “Browse” to include the folder comprise the documents you desire to share v your PSP. As soon as you"ve found the folder containing her media in the “Browse” window, click “OK,” climate click the “Submit” button. TVersity will include the selected folder come its library.

Turn on her PSP. On the key menu, known as the “XMB” or “Cross Media Bar,” navigate to “Network,” then pick “Internet Browser” and also press the “X” button.

Highlight the web browser"s deal with bar at the optimal of the screen and also press the “X” switch to activate the on-screen keyboard, and kind “http://X:41952” wherein X is your IP address, and press the “Start” switch when you are done. This will load the TVersity internet server into the net browser.

Select the suitable category indigenous the PSP"s web web browser (Audio, Photos, or Videos) for the file you desire to put on her PSP by pushing the “X” button. Choose “Folders,” then select the folder whereby your file is stored by pushing the “X” button. Pick the file you great to copy to her PSP by pushing the “X” button.

Select “Yes” as soon as you"re inquiry if you desire to conserve the file, then press the “X” button. The PSP will prompt friend to surname the file and pick a destination folder for the file. Girlfriend can change the filename through highlighting it, pressing the “X” button, then making use of the on-screen key-board to change the name. Together for the destination, through default the will put the media in the suitable folder, for this reason don"t readjust it. As soon as you"ve made any type of filename changes, highlight “Save” and press the “X” button. As soon as downloaded, friend can discover the files in the proper category on her XMB (Photo, Music, or Video).


To obtain your computers IP address, click “Start,” then click “Run.” In the “Run” dialogue box, kind “cmd” and also press enter. In the window that mr up, form “ipconfig /all” and your IP deal with will be displayed on the screen.

While TVersity is a an excellent way to accessibility your documents without walking to her computer, transport speeds utilizing the USB cable are lot faster. If you room transferring large amounts that data, a USB cable is a much better solution if you have one available. Also, if her PSP has the latest firmware, the battery will certainly charge as soon as it"s associated to a USB cable.

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Ensure the the Wi-Fi move on her PSP is in the on place to it is in able to connect to TVersity.