How execute you settle a scratched video game disc? You take the game disc out to beat it and also there is a giant scrape going v the “read” side of the disc. You put the game in your console and also it won’t start. The scrape or scratches top top the video game disc are avoiding the console from reading the game. Therefore you cannot play the game. How do you deal with the scratched video game ASAP for this reason you can play it? below we have countless tips and also tricks to help you to settle your scratched game disc. These approaches will work on ALL video game discs consisting of discs for the Xbox ONE, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, and PS4.

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Video video game disc scratched – how to fix

Please note: A video game bowl with significant deep scratches will certainly most most likely need to be professionally resurfaced by a maker that buffs and also fixes CD discs. If the game has a very deep and big scratch, it more than likely can’t be resolved at home.

All game consoles discs deserve to be solved using the scrape removing techniques below

Here room a few methods to try to settle your scratched disc at home:

1. Rubbing Alcohol Method:Get a lint cost-free non scratching cloth. Placed a little amount ~ above the “read” next of the disc. Rub exterior from the facility lightly and also gently. Do not rub with excessive force or this might damage the video game further. Obstacle gently outward until the scratch either disappears or becomes much less visible. When clean and dry, placed the key in the gaming console and see if the worked. Repeat this an approach if necessary.

2. Toothpaste Method:Use a tiny dab of the gritty kind of toothpaste. The gritty toothpaste can act together a gentle abrasive and will eliminate scratches from the disc. To usage the toothpaste method, obtain your finger wet first. Progressively wipe and move the toothpaste into the scrape on the disc. Do this making use of an exterior motion always in a straight line. Native inner to outer. If you obstacle the toothpaste in huge circles it have the right to make more scratches. So always rub indigenous in to the end or the end to in, never left to best or in circles. Obstacle the paste for about one minute. Once you have actually rubbed the scratch for 60 seconds, placed the key under the faucet and wash off all of the toothpaste. Usage a clean soft lint cost-free cloth to dry it once washed. After this method, try putting the video game disc in her console and also see if it addressed the issue. Repeat this an approach if necessary.

3. Banana Method:Use a banana the is peeled and cut in half. Use a fifty percent of the banana and gently rub it right into the disc scrape from inwards to outwards. Repeat many times. After you have rubbed the banana ~ above the disc, run the key under warmth water and remove any banana residue. Dry turn off the disc and see if that plays in her console. Repeat this method if necessary.

4. Skip scrape Fixer Method:Purchase a tiny disc scrape remover device that is made to clean and buff your video game disc to remove a scratch. These inexpensive machines have the right to be uncovered online because that cheap. This is a great investment as if you have this concern again you have the device to clean the disc to eliminate the scratch.

Video game scratch fixer

5. Petroleum Jelly Method:Rub a small amount the a product such as Vaseline into the scratch. Allow sit for 60 seconds. Next gently obstacle the Vaseline off of disc by making use of an inward come outward activity in a straight line. Eliminate as lot of the jelly as possible. Make certain disc is clean and also dry and put it right into console to watch if the jelly an approach worked. Repeat this an approach if necessary.

Try The expert Method:Go either to a location like Gamestop or a experienced disc scratch repair company. They will typically charge roughly $4 come 5 dollars to rebuff your video game disc and also remove the scratches. This will certainly make the so the console have the right to read the disc and you deserve to then play your game.

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Fix scratched disc

Do you have any kind of other approaches for addressing a scratched video game disc? you re welcome let us understand by leave a comment below.