Roblox is a huge platcreate via multiple options in the interface. With over 100 million monthly individuals, the developers press updates currently and also make the platdevelop much better. But all these updates are not expected to make the interface simpler. Sometimes, the facility UI leaves us with no choice but to search it on google. If you desire to change your individual information favor name, day of birth, or password, you have to follow specific procedures. As Roblox supports many type of tools, altering this information can get tricky periodically.

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In Roblox, many type of players desire to change their date of birth from the platcreate. To change your birthday on Roblox, you require first to understand also Roblox’s policy belonging to the DOB change on the platcreate. Roblox is stringent concerning the plans to carry out safety and privacy security for their players. In this short article, I’ll have actually a complete step by step guide on just how to change your Roblox’s age for both over and also listed below 13 years.

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How To Change Your Birthday on Roblox under 13 years?How To Change Your Birthday on Roblox for 13 or older?FAQs

How To Change Your Birthday on Roblox under 13 years?


Mobile applications can be a small various due to the huge alters in size. To change your birthday on mobile –

Open any Browser on your phone. (Google Chrome is recommended as a result of its support)Open Roblox and also open up your account in it.Press the “Continue in Browser” button to open the profile interchallenge.Now click on the peak gear icon and open up settings.Change your Birthday and Save.Open your Roblox app aget to examine wanted alters.

Note: In all devices, make certain you don’t readjust your age to much less than 13 years. By doing so, you cannot edit your birthday furthereven more because of its policies.


These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about changing your birthday in Roblox –

Why does Roblox require your birthday?

Birthdays are used to estimate your age and also provide you through a correct set of content. Roblox is exceptionally strict concerning its safety and also privacy security for users. For these factors, it’s crucial to provide your birthday to stop any kind of violent content on the platform.

What does account 13+ suppose in Roblox?

Roblox adheres to the COPPA regulations to safeguard the privacy of youngsters. The 13 year age note segregateways the kid’s groups. For accounts much less than 13 years old, they have even more privacy security mechanism and various other regulatory operations. For 13+ accounts, all those limitations are lifted, and the account is open up to almost every little thing on Roblox.

Is Roblox ok for a 12 year old?

Partially Yes. Roblox has a PEGI rating of 7+, which suggests kids via an age of greater than 7 can play Roblox’s games. But it’s always recommended to monitor your child’s task in the game.

Is Roblox bad for kids?

Roblox is like a typical social media wright here players can play through other players virtual and also chat via them. If you wonder whether it’s good or poor, it’s trusted on the expocertain that kids endure on Roblox. Roblox is complete of innocent and sweet games and also scary stories and rumors. If you monitor your kid’s activity effectively, you have the right to have actually a great affect of Roblox on your youngsters.

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Final Words

Roblox has actually proved to be one of the best gaming platcreates for the last decade. With hundreds of games and also multiple in-game options, you can have actually an excellent endure in the game. Many times with a lack of knowledge, you can obtain stuck while changing the birthday in Roblox. That’s why this article was dedicated to change your birthday on Roblox on all devices.