Metro is the only prepaid brand offering progressed built-in cheat protection, thanks toT-Mobile"s enlarge and much better network. Therefore every customer can be better-protected—for FREE.

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Qualifying service and capable device required. Allowing blocking may inadvertently block wanted calls. Disable at any kind of time. Info for some unknown numbers not available.

Your ultimate call

control center.

Our complimentary Scam Shield™ application gives you control over anti-scam protections like Scam ID, scam Block and Caller ID and is accessible to all our customers.

For an extra charge, upgrade to scam Shield Premium for even an ext control over her calls and also voicemails.

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T-Mobile"s advanced

network technology.

T-Mobile"s super charge network analyzes every speak to using A.I., an equipment learning, and also patented technologies. And our defenses upgrade every six minutes to remain ahead that scammers.


Built-in protection.

Americans obtain billions the scams androbocalls every year. But Scam identifier andScam Block innovations identify and helpstop them—before you ever before get the call.Plus, our customers space further-protectedby anti-spam text solutions we"ve had inplace due to the fact that 2014.

Qualifying company & capable device required. Transforming on scam Block might block calls friend want; disable anytime.

Know who"s calling.

Now you"ll view a caller"s information, even if they"re no in your call list. With Scam Shield™, full Caller ID access is automatically included.

Qualifying service & capable maker required.


When you require a clean slate.

With scam Shield™, girlfriend can readjust your phone number — for any kind of reason — as much as onetime every year in ~ no additional charge.

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Qualifying service required. 1 every line every year.

There are a variety of ways to turn on cheat Block:

Download the totally free Scam Shield app and also toggle on scam BlockDial #662# native your subway by T-Mobile deviceLog in to her account, then select My Account>Add Services>Protection>Scam BlockIn the MyMetro App, pick Shop>Add Services>Confirm her PIN>Scam Block>Modify ServicesDial 611 from her Metro machine to speak to Care

We’ve had an anti-spam equipment for cell phone messaging including SMS, MMS, and RCS due to the fact that 2014, and also we encompass it in ~ no extr charge for subway customers. Just how it works:

Our anti-spam blog post solution is updated routinely with spam article fingerprints and also signatures. Whenever a mobile message is received on the network, it"s checked versus the anti-spam solution. If a blog post is determined to be spam or unwanted, we"ll block it. Otherwise, the blog post will be delivered.Customers deserve to report spam or undesirable messages by just forwarding the messages to 7726. We"ll reply through a confirmation text and forward the article to the Security facility for analysis. The message and your details space encrypted; your identification won"t be shared.Replying “STOP” is commonly a convenient method to easily opt the end of a post program.However, for unwanted spam texts, we recommend forwarding message to 7726 and also not replying.Similar to picking up one unknown robocall, spammers will use any kind of texted reply (including “STOP”) as confirmation the they"ve got to a actual person.

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Number confirmed is T-Mobile"s implementation that the brand-new STIR/SHAKEN industry standards. T-Mobile to be the an initial to implement STIR/SHAKEN because that customers in January 2019. T-Mobile customers through an eligible device will see "Number Verified" on their display screen when the call number has actually been showed as yes, really by the network. This means you can be assured that the call number calling you is legitimate and hasn"t been spoofed.