Product ID: DPC108 DPC108 Content: 100% Polyvinyl Chloride Width: 54" Thickness: 0.008" (±5%) Cold Crack: 0 degrees Features: dual Polished Common Uses: Tablecloths, Bags, shower head Curtains, security Covers, Insulating display screen Porches, Enclosing Patios, Greenhouses Please Note: This clear vinyl is a general purpose product. Waves and slight distortions might be current as a result of the manufacturing process, but are not considered to be defects. Maximum constant Length: approximately 143 Yards when ordering more than 143 yards it may come in more than one piece.

This 8 Gauge clear Vinyl is a durable, flexible, and waterproof material. Usage it to defend tables from craft projects and also spills, or combine it into craft jobs as a security plastic liner. It"s appropriate for tablecloths, shower curtains, bags, as a sheathe for digital equipment or furniture, and enclosing display porches, patios, greenhouses, and chicken coops. This functional plastic is best for daily household use and also is a practical an option for all sorts of handmade projects.

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WARNING: This product consists of a chemical recognized to the State that California to reason cancer, reproductive toxicity, bear defects or various other reproductive harm. For an ext information visit

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