One of television’s many intimidating celebrity chefs is none various other thanGordon Ramsay. His constant use of expletives and also abusive personality has actually helped him become a family members name.

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The famous author, restaurant owner, food critic, and also reality tv star is among the most significant chefs in the US and abroad. Finest known for his duty as the head chief ofHell’s Kitchen,he spews insults at contestants vying for a height spot in among his illustrious kitchens.

His larger-than-life personality matches his physics stature the towers over most the his kitchen staff. Viewers regularly wonder, just just how tall chef Ramsay really is.

The multi-Michelin-star chef


Gordon Ramsay | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Born in 1966, the 54-year-old cook reigns indigenous Scotland. As a young child, he and also his family members moved to England, whereby he thrived to come to be a world-renowned cooking phenomenon.

The high-strung chef acquired his start in the mid-1980s functioning in London under the indict of chief Marco Pierre White. Ironically, according to Celebrity net Worth, Ramsay left White’s restaurant after growing tired that his “rages and also the bullying and violence.”

Ramsay started training in France, learning from several of the best chefs in the world. Upon returning to London, the earned two Michelin stars in ~ the Aubergine, where he owned a 10 percent share of the renowned restaurant.

In 1998, thetemperamental chefopened Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London’s chic Chelsea neighborhood. By 2001, he had actually earned anotherMichelin star, and also his fate to be sealed.

Award-winning original programming

Come here you……an all brand-new
HellsKitchenFOX is rocking tonight at 8/7c !!!!

— Gordon Ramsay (
GordonRamsay) February 11, 2021

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Ramsay became a fixture top top American television, an initial appearing ~ above the Food Network. The British cook lured audiences through his incredible food preparation abilities, fierce temper, fist to detail, and also strict demeanor.

The first episode of Hell’s Kitchen aired in 2005 ~ above FOX television and also was an prompt success. More than 15 years later and the show is quiet running, currently a fixture of American popular music culture.

In 2010, Ramsay created the ever-popular television food preparation competition program,Master Chef.He also became involved inGordon’s an excellent Escape, Ramsay’s best RestaurantandThe big Fish Fight with peak celebrity chief Jamie Oliver.

Thefather of 4 went on to develop a multimedia manufacturing company, Studio Ramsay, to construct cooking-related tv programming. Working in conjunction through One Potato two Potato, Ramsay has actually along list of shows on his resume the includeMasterchef Junior, Food Court Wars, and Best brand-new Restaurant.

Towering head and also shoulders among his peers, the consummate experienced stands tall at 6 feet two inches. There are few competitors on his television shows that can accomplish him eye-to-eye, however they all organize the deepest regard and utmost respect for one of the world’s best chefs.

The richest celebrity chefs in the world

Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, and also Guy Fieri are some of the most popular celebrity chefs. These television personalities are recognized for their substantial line of cooking shows, branded kitchenware, and also cookbooks.

Despite your fame and also immense popularity, they do chump readjust compared to chef Ramsay. All five of these peak chefs have a net worth that is less than $100 million.

One of therichest celebrity chefson the world is Ramsay, v an approximated net worth of $220 million.Wealthy Gorilla attributes his success to his “bluntness and fiery temper” saying, “Gordon carved out a career in the television industry approximately his cooking experience and personality, that people all over the civilization love come watch.”

Ramsay’s wide range is a mix of his plenty of successful books, television shows, restaurants, sponsorships, and also licenses. With worldwide recognition, his name is linked with well dining and a superior work-related ethic.

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Despite huge wealth, Ramsay is not taken into consideration therichest celebrity chef. The title belongs to Chef Alan Wong, the co-founder ofHawaii regional Cuisine,with numerous restaurants in Hawaii and one in Japan. Wong has actually a staggering net worth the $1.1 billion.