Frozen 2: just how Tall Olaf in reality Is contrasted To Elsa If Olaf’s height on the Frozen Wiki is correct and also the snowman is 5’4”, that would make Elsa a towering ice queen at over 11 feet tall.

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Frozen Olaf elevation elsa
just how tall is Olaf the snowman, really? ~ the relax of Frozen 2, fans to be surprised to see Olaf"s height listed as 5"4" on the Frozen Wiki - which would certainly make Elsa tower over him at over eleven feet tall. Voiced by josh Gad in both movies, the talking snowman is Anna and Elsa"s comedic sidekick and the star the the Frozen shorts Olaf"s Frozen Adventure and the newly-announced Once top top A Snowman. Olaf quickly ended up being a fan-favorite because of his irreverent, existential comedy and his stand-out songs "In Summer" and also "When I"m Older."

Although Olaf"s personality can be bigger than life, the snowman is certainly not 5"4". Olaf is originally brought to life in Frozen by Elsa and is later uncovered by Anna and Kristoff in the woods. The snowman mostly provides comic relief, from Olaf"s an initial improvised line in Frozen to his rapid-fire reenactments of the occasions of Frozen in Frozen 2. During Frozen 2, Olaf"s offhand comment around how water has memories transforms out to be a key part the the plot. Olaf became a popular enough character to star in his own quick premiering ahead of Coco, Olaf"s Frozen Adventures.

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If Olaf"s elevation was listed correctly top top the Frozen Wiki, Elsa would certainly tower over the other occupants of Arandelle in ~ eleven feet tall. ~ spotting the inconsistency, pan on Twitter calculation Elsa"s height based upon Olaf gift 5"4", and also found that the numbers simply didn"t do sense. Uneven the world of Arandelle room giant, Olaf being 5"4" is merely not possible. As per the Frozen Wiki, Elsa"s official height is 5"7". Based upon the movies, where Olaf is roughly fifty percent of Elsa"s height, that would ar the snowman right approximately 2"8" - i m sorry is lot closer to his figure in the Frozen films.

The fan reaction to Olaf"s height was frenzied sufficient that director and co-writer of Frozen Jennifer Lee had to respond on Twitter. Lee clarified the Olaf"s elevation on the Frozen Wiki was most likely a typo, and "if it said 3"4" I"d buy it... I might be turn off an inch or two, however not a foot or two." Lee stated in the exact same tweet that Anna"s height is 5"5", and also Elsa is 5"7" - which would certainly both confirm Elsa"s height in the Frozen Wiki and also make Olaf"s height about 3 feet tall. Using the exact same math that figured out Elsa to be eleven feet tall, it would make Olaf 2"6".

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The confusion over Olaf"s height caused a debate among Frozen pan who debated the ridiculous insurance claim that the snowman to be over five feet tall. In both Frozen movies and in Olaf"s Frozen Adventure, Olaf seems to it is in about fifty percent the size of Anna and Elsa, who are fairly average heights. Whether the entrance in the Frozen Wiki was a hoax or a typo, it"s for sure to assume the Olaf is about half of Elsa"s height - and the Frozen 2 ice cream queen stands in ~ a quite normal person height.