Some restaurant chains are famous for your food. Others for their service. Still, others are an ext infamous for the devastating treatment the employees.

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But Florida-based Hooters is famous for entertainment, and also that way big-screen sports and revealingly pull Hooters Girls.

But there’s more to working in ~ Hooters than being a Hooters Girl. Over there are other positions both in the ‘house’ and also in the back, and also as a large international chain. Hooters has really detailed and also extensive rule for exactly how to run their restaurants. This can be a great thing if you like clarity and also transparency.

So just how old carry out you have to be to occupational at Hooters?

You’ll check out that it counts on the task you’ll it is in doing.


Dancing and dress up…

In training, Hooters Girls additionally learn choreographed dances. When particular songs come on over the restaurant sound system, you’re meant to fall everything and also get the end on the floor come dance. How weird is that?

There are likewise monthly layout nights wherein you’ll be intended to dress up not in her uniform however in a an in similar way enticing themed costume. By the way, the costumes space at your own expense, too. Pirates, football, Christmas are simply a few examples that the themes.

Here’s What The main Hooters Website Says about Hooters Girls:

“A Hooters Girl must show up to live a healthy, active lifestyle and also be captivating to all who visit Hooters restaurants. A Hooters Girl is approachable, attentive, and upbeat, taking treatment of the requirements of guests as she socially engages them, entertaining every individual guest in ~ the prior door and/or top top the floor.

A Hooters Girl is knowledgeable around the menu items and merchandise. She ensures that only the really highest quality food and also drinks are offered to guests and is a confident representative that the brand. A Hooters Girl should embrace the company’s core values of display You Care, Respect Everyone, Elevate the Spirit, worth Feedback, and also Exceed Expectations.”

There’s a corporate society statement if I’ve ever before seen one!

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Final Thoughts

To summarize, for many positions, you have to be 18, or 17 at minimum. Be mindful that in some states, the period for serving alcohol is 21. For this reason the age you deserve to work in ~ Hooters will be the same.

Whether you’re walking to shot for a Hooters Girl position, organize or Hostess, To-Go, Kitchen Staff, or clean Crew, over there are numerous jobs for adolescents at the Hooters restaurant chain.

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If friend think this is the sort of climate you will do be happy working in, this is the most vital tip. To gain a project at Hooters: they care much more about your personality than your experience or training.