"Now, mr my God, you have made her servant king in location of my father David. But I am only a little child and also do no know exactly how to lug out my duties.

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The age of Solomon is not recorded. However, we have actually the adhering to facts that suggest, in commitment with most non-Biblical sources, that Solomon to be about 20 years old as soon as he became king.

he reigned because that 40 year making that 60 once he died. 1 majesties 11:42, 2 Chron 9:30.At Solomon"s death, his son Rehoboam take it the throne and also was aged 41 years. 1 queens 14:21. This means Solomon was around 19 when Rehoboam to be born, and around 18 when he to be married.David was 70 once he died. This method that David was about 50 as soon as Solomon was born. This would describe the time essential for all the events that occurred between 2 Sam 12 - 24, including: Amnon"s rape the Tamar (2 Sam 13); Absalom"s killing of Amnon 2 years later (2 Sam 13:23); Absalom"s go back to Jerusalem after ~ 3 years (2 Sam 13:38); Preparations for Absalom"s Conspiracy of 4 year (2 Sam 15:7); Absalom"s rebellion (2 Sam 15-19); Sheba"s rebellion (2 Sam 20); 3 years of starvation (2 Sam 21:1); David"s census (2 Sam 24); Preparations because that rebellion the Adonijah (1 kings 1). That is, about two decades of events.

Thus, us cannot be sure, yet it strongly appears that Solomon was around 20 when he take it the throne. It have to be detailed that David reigned for 40 years so that Solomon began his power 10 year younger than David.

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In understanding 1 queens 3:7, the Pulpit comment observes:

"a small child": this words space generally taken as indicatingSolomon"s humility fairly than his age. No doubt, over there is someexaggeration in the expression, i beg your pardon manifestly is not to it is in taken aupied de la lettre; in ~ the very same time the is questionable even if it is suchwords would certainly be provided of self by a young male of twenty, which Solomonis commonly claimed to have been. Watch on 1 emperors 2:2, and 1 Kings12:8>

Matthew leaf reaches the very same conclusion:

"I am yet a small child"; therefore he remained in years; no as if he were now buttwelve year old, as numerous gather from this surname of child; because that thatname is provided to Ishmael once eighteen year old, Genesis 21:14,15,and come Rehoboam as soon as forty-one year old, 2 Chronicles 13:7, wherein theword is the very same in the Hebrew; and also before this time David calls the awise man, 1 queens 2:9: however he was now not above 20 years old; andwithal, (which the principally intends,) he was raw and also unexperienced,as a child, in state affairs, and altogether unfit because that so hard a task.