How Old execute You need to be to work at Panera?

To gain an entry-level part-time task at Panera together a bakery-cafe associate, you should be at least 16 year old. However, if you desire to it is in a baker or shipment driver, you must be at the very least 18 year old.

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Whether you desire to work straight with customers or behind the scene making good food, Panera offers avenues for friend to grow with the company.

Teen work at Panera and also Age Requirements

Bakery-Cafe associate (Hourly)

Panera cafe associates listening to the customer’s needs and delivering the — fast, accurate, and also with a friendly smile. Panera associates take pride in every element of your work and perform it with energy and also enthusiasm. Panera needs solid team players, with a commitment to serving your guests and creating a warm and also friendly atmosphere that the agency is known for.

The combine positions are: cashier, heat associate (salad & sandwich maker), dining room, and also dishwasher.

You must be at least 16 year old to work-related as a bakery-cafe associate at Panera.

Baker (Hourly)

Panera Bread bakers take your craft seriously. Baking is main and core to the Panera Bread significance of warmth and quality. They usage their expertise and also take the essential steps to produce the finest of breads and also baked goods. Panera bakers work-related diligently to ensure the they provide the high quality assets that their customers love.

Job duties include:

Preparing dough because that baking by placing/shaping dough in pans; spreading or sprinkling toppings; enabling dough to rise and monitoring product if bakingMaintaining a appropriate bake by adjusting thermostatic controls to regulate oven temperatureMaintaining tools by following proper cleaning proceduresUpdating job expertise by participating in scheduled trainings and also online learningEnhancing the bakery operations and customer suffer by accepting ownership for quality of baked product

To work-related as a baker in ~ Panera, you must be at least 18 years old.

Delivery Driver (Hourly + tips)

Being a shipment driver in ~ Panera method that you space responsible for carrying food to customers safely and also efficiently.

Customers can't always make it come a Panera Bread to gain their favorites, so they offer delivery organization in choose markets. Cafe distribution Drivers carry Panera Warmth—along v delicious soups, salads, and also sandwiches—to client at home or work.

Panera delivery Drivers enjoy flexible schedules through mileage and also tips paid out daily. Once they space not top top the roadway delivering because that Panera, they might be in the bakery-cafe managing a selection of duties.

To job-related as a shipment driver in ~ Panera, you have to be at least 18 years old and also have a precious driver’s license and also car insurance.

Can a 15 Year Old job-related at Panera?

Because the minimum period to work-related at Panera is 16, 15-year-olds can’t work-related there. We have a page on ours website particularly for 15-year-olds that you can view for more options.

Can a 16 Year Old job-related at Panera?

Yes! The minimum age to work at Panera is 16. We likewise have a page on ours website especially for 16-year-olds the you can view for an ext options.

How much Does Panera pay Part-Time Workers?

The hourly income for employees at Panera vary due to the fact that of state and also city minimum fairy laws. However, us can provide you a general idea that what the hourly pay is because that each position.

Bakery-Cafe combine (Hourly)

As a bakery-cafe associate at Panera, you will be making somewhere in between minimum wage and also $15 every hour. If you space coming in at entry-level without any type of prior experience, then you will certainly most most likely start out at minimum wage.

The mean hourly price for a Panera bakery-cafe associate is $9.

Baker (Hourly)

The price of pay for bakers is between $10 and also $17 one hour. Panera prefers experience for this position, and it is also an overnight job, so don’t be fear to negotiate.

The typical hourly rate for a Panera baker is $13.

Delivery Driver (Hourly)

The base rate of salary for distribution drivers is usually minimum wage. This position also receives tips and also a purpose of use reimbursement, therefore the rate of salary varies.

The typical hourly price for a Panera distribution driver is $9 add to tips and also mileage.

How much Experience do You need to Work in ~ Panera?

Panera is an entry-level trusted company, so friend can use to be a bakery-cafe combine without any kind of prior experience and get hired. However, if girlfriend do have actually some work experience, it can get friend a higher hourly pay rate and also move you much faster into supervisory and management positions.

What have to You Wear to a task Interview at Panera?

Panera is a bakery and also cafe, so when you present up for your interview girlfriend will desire to watch nice and be pull on in service casual attire. Consider something like a buttoned-down shirt with nice slacks and also dress shoes. You execute not want to display up as well casual in a t-shirt and also jeans, yet there is no have to go as well formal and also wear a suit.

Panera Interview Questions

The possible questions in a project interview are endless, and it constantly depends ~ above the interviewer. But, there space some usual questions that they do frequently ask. At a Panera interview, you will talk v at least one manager. Right here are some inquiries that they have actually been well-known to ask.

Can you work-related nights and also weekends?

Why are they asking?

Panera is open up seven work a week from at an early stage in the morning to so late in the evening, and also their part-time teenage workers usually cover the night and weekend hours. If they ask you this question, they desire to make certain that you deserve to work those hours since that’s whereby they need assist in their schedule.

What’s the ideal answer?

The interviewer desires to hear the you have no trouble working nights and weekends. And, as a teenage worker, this schedule functions well around school. Be honest with her answer. If you have actually other duties that will prevent you from covering those hours, you need to let them know up front.

Why perform you want to job-related at Panera?

Why are they asking?

Restaurants depend on entry-level teenager workers. They do an excellent first job for young world to acquire work experience, and also there space a lot in the industry to pick from. If castle ask friend this question, they desire to know what renders Panera stand out over other alternatives like McDonalds, Chipotle, or Jimmy John’s.

What’s the right answer?

There is no not correct answer come this question. Everything your factor is for applying at Panera, tell them! maybe you have a girlfriend that functions there, the café is close to home, or girlfriend love their food. Every little thing your factor is for applying at Panera, just be particular and moral with her answer.

Can you work well as part of a team?

Why are they asking?

If they ask you this, they room trying to uncover out exactly how comfortable you room working in a team environment. There room no work in the café that require you to occupational all by yourself, for this reason they want to make sure you job-related well through others.

What’s the best answer?

Honesty is the ideal policy. Let them know how great you space with people and also be prepared to give instances if you have actually previous task experience. If Panera would certainly be your an initial job, then give examples of working with world in team sports or school activities.

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Benefits of working at Panera

Everyone that works at Panera gets a discount ~ above meals. However, various other benefits are limited to permanent workers.

Benefits include:

Paid time off and paid noble daysPerformance BonusesVacation401K and Stock purchase PlanMedical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

What it’s favor to occupational at Panera