When visiting the beautiful Bahamas over there are countless younger individuals that wonder, what’s the legitimate drinking period in the Bahamas?

The legitimate drinking age in the Bahamas is 18 years old. If you planning to walk on bars or buy one in ~ the stores, make sure that you bring an ID with you simply in case.

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Is the Bahamas strict on drink age?

If you’re thinking about “trying-your-luck” and also buy alcohol in Bahamas, climate you could want to recognize that they normally are quite hard when it pertains to checking the period of the person ordering something come drink if lock think they space to young (under 18 in this case).

So, if you space planning a trip to the Bahamas and also you’re under 18 year old. Then you have to decide on the following:

Is drinking essential to you.

If that is climate I imply you to arrangement your expedition elsewhere, and also if that not, then WELCOME come the Bahamas.

If you decide to visit the Bahamas climate I would really introduce you to examine out our 2 guides listing what the 5 most well-known drinks and also the 10 most popular beers space in Bahamas (don’t forget to have fun and drink responsibly).

5 Most famous drinks in Bahamas

A tropical cocktail is really the cherry on optimal to make her Bahamas holidays a luxury.

But it’s not necessarily bank-breaking. The price of an median mixed cocktail in Nassau, Bahamas is roughly $10.

With the said, here are the height 5 most renowned mixed alcoholic drinks that you might want come try:

#1 – Bahama Mama

You can’t leave the Bahamas without also trying the top Bahama Mama.

It’s a rum cocktail through coffee liqueur, and also Bahama’s regional pineapple and also orange juice.

This tropical cocktail has actually a many variations available. You can gain it over ice cream or as an alcoholic slushie.

A perfect method to to win the heat

#2 – Rum Punch


Another rum cocktail, the Rum punch is absolutely one the the most well-known drinks top top the island.

It’s a mix of 2 to three types of rum, grenadine syrup, orange juice, lime juice, pineapple juice, and also nutmeg.

#3 – Goombay Smash

There is a good reason why Goombay smash is the national drink of the Bahamas.

For the yes, really experience, you have to go to miss Emily’s Blue bee Bar top top the Abaco Islands because that their secret family recipe of Goombay Smash.

It’s impossible to discover the real thing all over in the Bahamas.

Miss Emily’s cocktail contains the freshest dry punch seasonings of coconut and also pineapple blended with rum.

#4 – Piña Colada

You don’t need to get captured in the rain to favor Piña Colada.

No tropical holidays is finish without this iconic pineapple and coconut drink with rom.

#5 – Rebellious Fish

This one-of-a-kind drink is served just on Norwegian Cruise heat ships visiting the Bahamas.

This cocktail combine punchy citrus spices from orange juice, orange vodka, and also orange liqueur perfect off v sparkling wine and passion fruit.

Rebellious Fish is served in a fishbowl v fresh berries.

10 Most famous beers in Bahamas

If a fruit cocktail is no for you, girlfriend can’t get any better than a cold one ~ above a sunny beach trip.

Your typical Bahamian pint beer only costs about $4.

Locals room absolutely serious around their Bahamian beers whether it is in ~ a barbecue or a lazy afternoon in ~ the beach.

Lucky for you, castle love telling everyone how an excellent their beers are, and, well, they room not wrong.

Here are the top 10 most famous beers in the Bahamas that both local and tourists can’t get enough of:

#1 – Kalik

Kalik is the island’s most famous lager-style beer.

This beer stop a cultural significance to the Bahamians so it’s not surprising that this is their optimal beer.

Kalik is actually a sound the cowbells make as soon as its rung.

During the island’s celebration of Junkanoo, locals perform music day and night, and cowbells are a huge part of it.

So, it only makes sense that their renowned beer is not only known for its taste however for its social branding.

Kalik also comes in various varieties (Gold, Light, irradiate Platinum, and Radler) depending on how strong you like it.

#2 – Bahamian Brewery SANDS

A competitor to Kalik, SANDS is a smoother, less flavor, and a lighter much less filling beer.

This beer has a soft and also pleasant texture which you’ll taste a nice note of bitterness.

The perfect beer for a irradiate drink during a meal.

#3 – Pirate Republic Island Pirate Ale

Made from the just brewery the prides itself on being the only craft beer in the Bahamas, Island Pirate Ale is the an initial IPA brewed by Pirate Republic unavoidable Co.

This beer has strong flavors of jaw with ideas of citrus and also tropical fruit. Island Pirate Ale certainly sticks come the smell palate that The Bahamas.

#4 – Bahamian Brewery shrub Crack

Compared come the vault beers, shrub Crack is ~ above the lighter side however its high alcohol content rivals various other beers.

Neither hoppy or thick, that a good smooth beer if she trying beers because that the first time.

#5 – Pirate Republic Yo Ho Ho

Another beer native the Pirate Republic, the Yo Ho Ho is a staple at every brewpub.

It has actually a quite malt base v a perfect mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, and also peppery spices.

But make no mistake, Pirate Republic’s Yo Ho Ho is not your mean winter summer sprouts beers.

This still catches a perfect night the end on the coasts of the Bahamas.

#6 – Pirate Republic take No Quarter

Bahamians really do love your craft brews from Pirate Republic.

This beer has actually flavors that citrus, light fruits, and hints of bitterness hops through a floral aroma.

Take No Quarter has a medium body through a center bitterness the is solid but not to the suggest that the is unpleasant.

#7 – Bahamian Brewery solid Back Stout

This beer is remarkable smooth also with the high alcohol content.

Strong back Stout is brewed through roasted barley and cold-filtered fermented yeast.

It’s well-off in taste but leaves no bitterness in your tongue.

If you a dark malt drinker, then this beer is certainly for you.

#8 – Pirate Republic gold & haze of Piracy

Gold & haze Piracy is known for its hazy appearance from the unfiltered and suspended yeast.

This refreshing and light beer has notes that cloves, spice, and orange peel i m sorry is for sure perfect because that a breezy afternoon top top a ar barbecue.

#9 – Pirate Republic Captain Kidd’s Kölsch

Kölsch is make from Columbus hops and also sweet yeasts brewed with aromatic and also caramel malts.

This beer is perfectly balanced with a touch of Munich that adds an ext to that is flavor there is no sacrificing the satisfactory gulp.

#10 – Bahamian Brewery High rock Lager

This finish full-bodied beer is brewed v malt, water, hops, and yeast.

A lager beer favor this takes longer to do to provide a wholesome flavor but surprisingly, also with its strong of a flavor, this beer goes down an extremely smooth.

Now you have actually your list of must-try-alcohols, you need a perfect place to get that animal party in friend going.

Sure, partaking in a casual drink session top top the shores or on a cruise sounds amazing but what if you’re craving because that the best Bahamian nightlife of her trip?

Popular Bars in the Bahamas

Here is a shortlist of the optimal bar and club contenders the not only will you have actually a good time partying at, but likewise have their top-notch drinks:

Miss Emily’s Blue punishment Bar

Located at eco-friendly Turtle Cay, Bahamas, this bar offered birth come the perfection that the Bahamas’ nationwide drink Goombay Smash.

All thanks to miss Emily as soon as she make it back in 1960.

This famous bar screams tradition and history. Its interior is decorated complete of notes and also business cards that the visitors.

Their ceiling is even full of the tourists’ hats, t-shirts, and other belongings.

Definitely mark this place for your expedition to leave part memorabilia of her own!

The Dune Bar

If friend don’t want to escape the beautiful ocean but still desire to party like no tomorrow, then The Dune Bar could be your spot.

Located in the sky Island drive in The ocean Club, this open-air bar supplies a panoramic view of the ocean.

Don’t forget come order among their signature dishes and also drinks specially designed by your chef.

Bahama boom Beach Club

This bar in Nassau hosts various themed next every night that you might just must spice points up.

Don’t miss their Thirsty Thursday wherein they offer large discounts on your drinks.

A perfect locale for an evening coast party, Bahama eight Beach society is certainly one of the ideal nightclubs in the city.

These lists are only a taste that what the Bahamas deserve to offer.

But what you deserve to be sure about is the this island have the right to be one of your perfect tropical getaways fill with vivid surprises.

So go publication your trip and also quench her party-life thirst!

Related questions:

Can you drink in the Bahamas in ~ 18 top top a cruise?

No, you can not drink on a cruise if she under the period of 21, and also if you drink underage while in port you may be punished/sentenced by the country’s legitimate system and laws (Bahamas in this case).

Can you drink tap water in Bahamas?

When ask about if you have the right to drink the water they generally talk about the madness water, and the madness water is safe and clean in the Bahamas.

But, I would still recommend you come drink bottled water and also that’s specifically when visiting smaller sized restaurants, pubs etc. Since you never know how their hygiene, waterpipes etc are.

When it involves resorts castle are an ext likely to have their madness water under control because they generally have installed filters and very often have actually a higher chlorinated tap water.

What is illegal in the Bahamas?

There are numerous things that are illegal in the Bahamas, similar to many other countries and since we’ve previously been talking around alcohol, I believed I would focus on other drugs.

When looking in ~ marijuana, ecstasy, and also cocaine are all illegal drugs in the Bahamas and if you’re captured using or having it ~ above you then you are subject come the regulations of Bahamas.

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Another thing to store in mental is that they try all people 16 years or enlarge as adult in court.