Ricky valve Shelton is one American nation singer and author who has actually released 9 studio albums (of which four have to be certified platinum).

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He was born on January 12, 1952, in Danville, Virginia, USA, to Eloise and Jenks Shelton.

Shelton is the youngest out of five siblings – he has actually two larger sisters named Judy and also Cacky and also two larger brothers named Ronnie and also Don.

When he to be a teenager, Ricky started singing in his brother’s band. In addition, Shelton performed at regional gatherings.

He visited high institution in Gretna, Virginia.

After high school, Ricky started to song in clubs. In June 1986, CBS Records offered him a record contract ~ Shelton impressed producer Steve Buckingham throughout a club performance.

Debut Album

In 1987, Ricky released his debut album, title – ”Wild-Eyed Dream.” The album consisted of the hits somebody Lied, Life turn Her that Way, and also Crime the Passion.

1992 – story From a Duck named Quacker: The Story Begins;1993 – Quacker Meets grandm Moo: tales from a Duck called Quacker;1994 – Quacker Meets Canadian Goose.


In 1986, Shelton married Bettye Witt. The couple started to day in 1979.

In might 2006, Ricky announced that he was retiring from nation music to spend time with his family.

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In 1992, that admitted the he suffered from alcoholism. Shelton also thought of suicide. Throughout a 1993 interview, Ricky said:

“I was trying to find a pistol one night to death myself. I had actually a .38 special right next to my bed in mine bus in a little mystery compartment.”

Shelton went on to say:

“Nobody knew, nobody. The disappeared there is no a trace and also I ain’t uncovered it come this day.”

Shelton included the center name van to not be puzzled with another person (also named – Ricky Shelton) wherein he had grown up.

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Ricky van Shelton – network Worth

Shelton earned many of his wide range from his music.Ricky has actually released ripe studio albums, of which 4 have all to be certified platinum.

In addition, Shelton had 10 number one hits as well as more than 15 peak Ten country Music hits.

His number one hits room – save It in between the Lines, i Am a straightforward Man, Rockin’ Years, I’ve cry My last Tear because that You, life Proof, from a Jack come a King, I’ll leaving This human being Loving You, Don’t us All have actually the Right, Life turn Her the Way, and Somebody Lied.

Moreover, Shelton made some money from showing up in tv shows, consisting of – Baywatch, Workin’ Man: a Tribute come Merle Haggard, The Tonight present with Jay Leno, Hot country Nights, Live! through Kelly, one All-Star Salute to country Music, and also Hee Haw.

His music has been featured in the following TV collection – Maverick, Baywatch, Honeymoon in Vegas, big Bad John, and also Next of Kin.

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Also, Ricky provides money from selling his series of children books. Therefore, Ricky valve Shelton has actually an estimated net precious of $2.8 million.

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