If you have actually been on any type of anime social platform from on facebook pages, groups, twitter or online forms, you have heard the Boku no Pico and also there is no inquiry that it has a really bad rap. After hearing around it for years I lastly searched the global web and actually found the episodes.

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Please note that this post is not an actual evaluation of the anime but my experience with the anime. Also, this may upset some civilization as ns am fairly frank through this and also do go into information so discretion is advised. If you are sensitive come ‘young age-related’ sex – avoid reading. If you room prejudiced about happy sex – you most likely should likewise stop reading. Also, if you room a minor, this write-up is not for you.

Other 보다 that, this is my personal thoughts and also I simply really want to describe why I perform not recognize the dislike this anime this gets. To execute so ns shall it is in looking at each facet of each episode, so over there are huge spoilers, however to be honest, because there is no storyline as such the spoiler don’t yes, really count, they simply take away the unexpected however not unexpected elements of each episode.

For year I have actually seen assorted memes that room basically saying the this is the worst anime out there and really disturbing that will do nothing yet leave you mentally scarred and such favor the ones below:





Now, I understand that for a whole lot of human being a full-on yaoi (where you see and hear precisely what is walk on) have the right to be viewed as disturbing but you should realise the Boku no Pico is plainly rated as a Hentai, so yea porn. Thus, you should currently have one inkling as to what is coming your way. No pun intended. Also, this is a Shotacon, an interpretation an attraction come young boys. There is likewise the reality that this anime is no readily obtainable on ‘main-stream’ anime sites and you really have to go searching for it.

If you have actually not seen it, right here is a fast synopsis because that ya – during summer Pico (12-14 years) is working in his grandfather’s bar and also meets Tamotsu (22 year old) who is a regular white-collar worker. With each other the two type a sexual relationship. Being a Yaoi this means that they space both males therefore this a guy on male hentai. There room a total of 3 episodes and also each episode sees Pico pairing up v a brand-new partner or two.

Seriously, critical warning, Boku no Pico is a gay porn with preteens learning their sexuality and also engaging in sexual acts i beg your pardon I will be talking about in a fair amount that detail. By reading the listed below you will understand what is in each and also every episode of Boku no Pico also if you have not watched it. This is not an appropriate post for minors (to me that means under 16).

The write-up below has screenshots from the anime.

~ You have been warned ~

So ns can conveniently see the problems with the over stated and also other elements of every episode. Below I have mentioned the rather glaring and obvious shockers.

Episode 1

Pico is underaged.Being between the period of 12-14 (age no really too clear and also he ages throughout the OVA’s) many of the world regards this as underaged and as together is plainly seen as statutory rape. 
So ns looked increase Japans consent age and also the federal legislations put consent at the young age of 13. This surprised me, I had actually expected a much older age but it resolved a the majority of confusion because that me and made some of the Yaoi I read not together disturbing as it had actually originally been.Puberty – i did say detailed – starts between the eras of 9 and also 12 for many children. While castle become much more conscious of their gender, masturbation go increase during these years. Apparently, a same-gender sexual behaviour is typical at this age – relax, this does not necessarily median sex.Conclusion: i feel the Pico was exposed slightly early on (12) to sex-related urges he had been going v puberty and more aware of the urges 보다 others.Pico is seduced into having actually sex through a guy.Okay, i cannot defend Tamotsu here nor do I intended to. In truth, i look down on what that does. He must know better since he is an adult.Pico gives his consent, although ns am not certain if that is conscious of the full extent of what he is actually offering consent to.Pico establishes feelings for Tamotsu, who is clear his ‘first’ therefore this is no rape. However, if ns was Pico’s parents i would desire to kill Tamotsu.There room two guys having explicit sex.This is a massive component of the anime/manga market with hardcore pan called fujoshi. Ns myself have read a same amount the this genre (my family and also boyfriend contact it my happy porn, correctly my family knows) and there space stories that room a lot of worse than Boku no Pico.Pico is made to wear women’s clothes.This is walking on the fact that Tamatsu very first thought Pico was a girl. So the is expected to bring that fantasy to life.This is just a sex-based relationship and also not love.While Pico creates feelings, Tamatsu go not. When again, shame on friend Tamatsu.Pico gets over the truth that the is not mutual and also then sleeps with Tamatsu again still seemingly perfectly fine that there to be nothing meaningful there.This makes you wonder if he really loved Tamatsu or if it was just lust and he self was no sure.

Episode 2

Chico (the new random friend Pico makes) invites Pico come his hiding point out where as soon as looking v the floorboards you deserve to see into (and hear) his sister’s room and together they clock his sister masturbate.Take a moment, i understand.Chico the town hall his sister masturbate, regularly, while not realising why this records his fist so. The is young and also naïve not discovering why he have to not really do that.Pico seduces a (not much) younger friend, Chico Pico defines why Chico ‘feels funny’ once he city hall his sister.Pico additionally gets excited/aroused from she moans and also watching her and since the is to teach his friend might also teach the everything.Usually, experience is just one of the best teachers in life for plenty of things, you understand that teaching at that moment is no Pico’s intent so unexpectedly their chaste play disappears. While your intents room innocent and the boys are simply seeking more of the pleasure they have actually discovered and consider it as a new part of your playtime you are still watching two young boys having sex v one another.Pico and Chico obtain into the sister’s room and play dress up with her clothes. 
Chico subsequently finds his sister’s ‘toys’ and suggests do the efforts them the end which lock do.Chico’s sister comes home and also discovers the boys having actually sex in her room, clothes and with she vibrators. Her reaction is masturbating while peaking top top the two.This to be a whole brand-new level the wtf for me. The sister watches as her younger brother has sex v his friend v her stuff and also does not placed a prevent to that or walk far to deal with it later. No, she watches, it s okay turned on and also plays through herself.After everything here she says nothing no one does nothing and also pretends absolutely nothing is walking on. She can at the very least explain to her brothers why he have to wait until he is older, no matter how awkward the convo would be.

Episode 3

Pico and Chico room in Tokyo wherein they meet coco a feminine-looking runaway who lives under the subway.Coco does no seem come be much older 보다 Pico, probably a year or two older.Okay for this reason far, not as well bad, if you overlook the truth that the 3 the them use that as their house base (yea my security ‘protect the children’ bell is ringing in my head favor crazy which is ironic considering the totality of this anime)The very first night there, Pico watches chocolate masturbate and proceeds to additionally masturbate while peeking.Uhm…So transforms out coco knew he was there i m sorry made him even much more excited. ~ the curtain which Pico had actually been hiding behind falls and they both confess the two have sex.Pico and Chico it seems ~ to it is in dating?Pico start questioning his feelings because that Chico after communicating with Coco.Pico and Coco have their ‘relations’ an enig from Chico, favor a blowjob concealed behind a bush…Pico it s okay upset once he discovers the Chico and also Coco are also having sex.Kinda hypocritical. However, that is quiet a son so can’t go as well deep right into that heat of thinking.Coco feels bad when Pico starts to pull far from the ‘trio’ so decides to take it responsibility and also fix everything by simply disappearing indigenous them.Pico and Chico decide to hunt down Coco and also reunite. They find him at the optimal of
Tokyo Tower, wherein the tree of castle promptly have a threesome.

Now looking at all of the above, perform I hate this anime? No. Do I approve of this anime? not my ar to say. Perform I agree through anything that taken place above? not my ar to say really.

My main concern with the negative side and message coming across concerning this entire anime appears to be coming from the reality that this is a man on man porn anime. The whole hype roughly it seems to it is in wanting to acquire a reaction native watching 2 animated personalities have sex and also the clear realisation that it is two guys. I do not acquire the feeling the the negative reaction is come anything else regarding this anime. That all seems to be getting world who know nothing around it to clock it and see your horrified expressions within the first couple of minutes.


Would ns recommend Boku no Pico? In an extremely rare cases I would. I would likewise recommend it very carefully and also let the person know what the is about straight away and also warn them about what they are getting into.

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I myself am no a fan and watched that to check out if it to be as negative as world made it out to be and it is basically preteens having sex. That’s it, no plot or full-on story and also I perform not think it to be as bad as I had been made to think it was but there to be points whereby it was just uncomfortable come watch for me probably because of the sister and their ages. Eliminate the sister, and make them 17 and also up and also the entire BNP hype would probably never have actually been born.