Logan Lerman was the an initial actor to play Percy Jackson on screen. Now, Disney+ is looking for its new star because that the upcoming Percy Jackson and also the Olympians series spearheaded by author Rick Riordan. A recent spreading update shown Lerman is as well old to reprise his duty as the teenage demigod. Given that, just how old is Lerman? and how old to be he when he played Percy?


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Logan Lerman movies and also TV shows

Lerman has actually been exhilaration for a lengthy time. His most recent credits room Amazon Prime’s Hunters together Al Pacino and End of Sentence. That has also starred in Noah, Fury, Indignation, The noodles of Sidney Hall, and Shirley. And also his credits from his childhood incorporate 2000’s The Patriot, Hoot, What females Want, and also Riding in Cars v Boys.

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Of course, he’s most recognized for play Charlie in The exclusive right of gift a Wallflower together Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Paul Rudd, and Nina Dobrev. Before Perks, Lerman led the Percy Jackson and the Olympians franchise. He played the son of Poseidon in 2010’s The Lightning Thief and 2013’s Sea of Monsters. Both the the movie are thought about flops by the fanbase (and Riordan himself), yet Lerman has actually a loyal fanbase of world who love his performance.

After the Percy Jackson Disney+ collection was announced in may 2020, the told accessibility he’d it is in interested in returning to the franchise, should there be a duty suited because that him. But he and also the fans recognize he’s as well old to play Percy again.

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Logan Lerman age

In Riordan’s an initial Percy Jackson book—The Lightning Thief—Percy is just 12 year old. He’s 16 in the fifth and final installment, The last Olympian. In the 2010 movie (based ~ above the first book), Lerman’s Percy to be 16. This is one of the countless qualms fans have with the movie adaptation. He’s not supposed to be much older in Sea of Monsters (based ~ above the 2nd book), although three years passed in between the first and second (and at some point last) movie.

Riordan has creative control the the Percy Jackson TV show, together with his wife, Becky Riordan, and the team they’ve assembled. He’s preserved avid pan updated top top the show’s development on his website. And every update has proved this TV adaptation is going come be together loyal to the publications as possible.

In an April 27 update, Riordan revealed the present is prepared to begin considering actors to pat Percy. And the character summary rules Lerman out of play Percy.

“We are searching for an actor who can ‘play 12.’ That permits for a range in the actual age of the actor, but the score is to stay true to the original story and also have percy’s character period from 12 to 16 end the food of the TV series, suspect of food we room lucky enough to make all 5 seasons. The will count on viewership on Disney+, which is where every one of you have the right to help!”

Lerman is currently 29 year old, do him not suitable to beat the preteen both in age and height. Lerman’s pendant don’t it seems to be ~ surprised by the fact that he won’t be able to play Percy again. In fact, they want him come be actors as Poseidon.

Demigods, that (one of) the moments you’ve been wait for:⚡️CASTING for THE role OF PERCY has BEGUN!!!!!⚡️ For all the details (including just how to audition) click the link below!https://t.co/szhPwQKjBN

— rick Riordan (
rickriordan) April 27, 2021

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How old to be Logan Lerman in the first ‘Percy Jackson’ movie?

Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd play Poseidon in the initial Percy Jackson movies. He was 37 at the moment (now 47). Together for Lerman, he was 18 years old as soon as The Lightning Thief came out and 21 in Sea of Monsters.

His co-stars, Alexandra Daddario and also Brandon T. Jackson (who played Annabeth and Grover), were 24 and 26 in The Lightning Thief and also 27 and 29 in Sea of Monsters, respectively. That course, it’s much from rarely for an actor in your 20s come play a teenager. Simply look at any show top top The CW.

When it comes to age, spreading directors check out actors together able to sensibly portray personalities either 5 years larger or five years younger than them. So, Lerman play a 16-year-old Percy Jackson at period 18 is much much more doable 보다 trying to pass him off for 12.

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At his present age, Lerman can reasonably play who in your 20s to mid-30s, make Poseidon a potentially age-appropriate role. That all depends on exactly how old Riordan desires the Greek god to be.