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Facts that Paul man Teutul

Paul man Teutul
May 1, 1949
72 years
Television Producer
6 feet 1 inches (1.85m)
Beth Ann Santos (m. 2007–2015), Paula Teutul (m. 1969–1995)$500 million
BrownGrayYonkers, brand-new YorkSingleAmericanWhitePearl river High SchoolPaul Teutul, Sr.

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Known together a manufacturer the motorcycles and also the focus of the fact television collection American Chopper and also the founder the Orange ar Choppers. He an initial appeared on the present with his sons Paul Teutul Jr. And also Michael Teutul.

Bio the Teutul Sr

Paul Teutul was born on might 1, 1949, in Yonkers, New York as a Paul john Teutul. Currently, the is 70 years old under the birth authorize Taurus. He is the son of Paul Teutul, Sr. However no information around her mother. Paul has actually an American nationality and belongs come white ethnicity.

Schooling the Teutul Sr.

Moreoverin his early on days, Teutul sailed throughout the battle as a member that the seller Navy. That is tho unknown in which plank department the served. The attends Pearl flow High school in new York after the no info on his educational qualification.

What is Paul Teutul Sr’s network Worth?

The network worth that Paul Teutul Sr in 2017 was $15 million. That is known for his classic vehicle collection from the years 1940-1960. He additionally has a variety of Corvette; every worth $79,000. Paul Teutul’s current net worth is estimated at $500 million.

Teutul earns a lot v his work. He produced $100k per illustration of American Choppers. In 2009, the earned his greatest income of $16,500,000. That earns $ 1 million annually.

Moreover, in in march 2018, the filed because that bankruptcy of chapter 13 in new York as his exploration Channel show is to it is in televised again, daily Mail reported. He asserted that his creditor owed over $ 1 million and also were worth $1.8 million. Paul earns end $15,000 a month and also spends 12,612 dollars a month, according to the website.

He also has clinical bills worth an ext than $2,000. In this paper, he provided that his task is tho Fabricator, v a monthly salary of $ 13,398. the did not cite TV work-related there.

Teutul owns end 20 standard cars from the 50s of the 1940s. In 2017, he provided his luxury home in Montogomery, new York, worth $2.9 million. The residence is collection on 38 acre of grounds v a warm tub, swimming pool house, gazebo, volleyball court, and water features.

Who is Paul Teutul Sr. Married to? His Wife

Paul Teutul married twice. That married Paula Teutul for the first time in 1969. They share four children, one daughter Cristin Teutul and the 3 sons Daniel Teutul, Michael Teutul, and Paul Teutul Jr. All his sons job-related in the very same profession. His daughter Christin Teutul is a nurse.

His eldest kid Teutul Jr. To be dismissed native the business because of regular disagreements with his brothers and also father. Because then that has become self-employed as Paul Jr. Designs. The pair divorced in 1995.

Caption: Paul Teutul Sr. With his ex-wife

Teutul again married Beth Ann Santos in July 2007. However, he might not last lengthy with his second wife. Later, the pair broke increase in 2012. They were officially divorced in February 2015.

In addition, Teutul loves the tattoo an extremely much. The is also known for his cool tattoos. It has been recognized that indigenous time to time that receives tattoos to display his feelings, or come say something.

What is the elevation of Paul Teutul Sr?

Paul’s Teutul Sr. Is a bodybuilder and physically fit. He stands at the elevation of 6 feet 1 inch and also weighs 98 kg. He has actually gray hair color and brown eye color. However, the other body measurements including waist size, dress size, shoes size, and so on yet not listed on media.

Is Paul Teutul Sr death or Alive?

In April 2016, society media submarine the news of previous American chopper celebrity Paul Teutul Sr.’s death. In April 2016, the website of gasoline Iron Demons released an article around his death. According to this article, the was killed in a motorcycle accident in Louisiana. His motorcycle to be hit in Greta by one SUV.

Caption: Paul Teutul Sr. With his ex-wife

Afterward, his pan posted the news on Twitter, and sometimes it was a frenzy. After ~ this rumor, Orange county Choppers do it clear on his main site that Teutul’s dice hell is false news. Follow to his statement:

There room a the majority of rumors floating about that Paul Sr. Was in an accident and is either in critical condition or has passed away. These are false and also Paul Sr. Is alive and well! many thanks to everybody because that all your concern and messages.

After this statement, soon, he also stated ~ above his public on facebook page, which that clarified that he was still alive and also it is a false rumor.

Paul Teutul Sr’s Career

John Teutul founded his own agency Orange county Ironworks.His son Daniel Teutul served as a manager.Teutul started to develop custom bikes because that his pleasure.He was motivated by countless custom bikes that appeared on the street and in movies as well.Therefore, in 1999, Teutul left the Orange county Ironworks and also built the Orange ar ChoppersHe readily available his son Teutul Jr. And started marketing custom bikes.

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Caption: Paul Teutul Sr. V his friendsLater, in 2006, he exit his an initial book, Orange ar Choppers, v his son Paul Teutul Senior.He published his second book The ride of lifetime in 2009.Paul has likewise produced and also starred in some Hollywood movie and collection such together Wild Hogs and My surname is Earl.He has likewise appeared in plenty of TV series.Furthermore, he developed his own documentary series American Chopper native 2009-10.In 2010 he appeared in a quick documentary “American Chopper: senior vs. Junior” next to his son.From 2015 come 16 he featured in one more reality series by Orange ar Choppers: American Made.