Matthew David Morris, famed as MattyB or MattyBRaps, is a Fourteen (14) year old American artist. That is popularly known for his eloquent rapping skills. MattyB is a successful dancer, actor, songwriter, and singer.

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He has a remarkable online presence coupled v a huge fan base complying with him ~ above his society media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel, and also Instagram profiles. MattyB has actually covered famous songs by popular artists favor Justin Bieber, Rihanna, willow Smith, and Ke$ha. The has also produced quite an amount of original songs. His music videos released room of high quality. In 2014, the teamed approximately sing "Never too Young," i m sorry is James Maslow"s initial song. He additionally collaborates v Maddi mrs to sing "Love Somebody."

MattyB has been invite as a guest on numerous popular TV series shows. They incorporate the run Moms" show, Dr. Phil show, today show, Queen Latifah show, Entertainment this evening show, and also Wendy Williams show. He has also worked on plenty of TV series and short movies. In 2013, he was ranked number 19th on Billboard"s "21 under 21" list.

MattyB"s personal Life

Born top top January 6, 2003, MattyB to be born in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents are Blake and also Tawny Morris. MattyB"s father is a record producer, songwriter, and investor. The is also his son"s manager. MattyB has 4 siblings: 3 elder brothers (Josh, man Michael, and Blake Jr.) and a younger sisters ( sarah Grace). His cousin ( MarsRaps), who additionally is a rapper, is MattyB"s music producer. MattyB is presently a college student at Wesleyan School. He"s interested in to chat activities, loves to play soccer, lacrosse, and baseball. His lyrics don"t encourage any form of medicine or crime. This provides it a perfect fit for young people.

MattyB"s Career

When MattyB was five years old, the heard his an initial hip hop music. That has since then been interested in learning dance steps that enhance music beats. ~ his cousin (MarsRaps) moved in with his family, MattyB instantly picked attention in the kind of music made by MarsRaps. MattyB started rapping to his cousin"s lyrics. The adhering to year, he started asking his cousin to assist him v his rap lyrics. In 2010, MattyB was seven years old as soon as he and also MarsRaps, his cousin, make a video clip of Justin Bieber"s Eenie Meenie music and posted it on YouTube. The video clip gained around 500k views, and also that to be the beginning of his fame. MattyB"s music (That"s The Way) on the social Chart classification reached number 11 top top the Billboard. This accomplishment caused an enormous increase in his pan base. MattyB net worth is estimated at approximately $3 million.

How Old is MattyB Exactly?

How Old is MattyB Exactly?

As of the moment of composing this article, MattyB is 18 years old. MattyB was born top top January 6, 2003. He will certainly celebrate his 19th birthday on January 6, 2022.

Summary the MattyB"s Age

The table below shows some crucial information you have to know around MattyB.

Parameters Points to Note
Real Name Matthew David Morris
Alias MattyB
Date that Birth January 6, 2003
Place of bear Atlanta, Georgia
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Father Blake Morris
Mother Tawny Morris
Siblings Brothers: Josh, john Michael, and also Blake Jr.Sister: sarah Grace
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Net Worth $3 million


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