No change. Maci Bookout and also her husband, Taylor McKinney, had a serious blowout through her kid Bentley’s grandparents at the Teen mommy OG reunion earlier this year — and their connection is tho on the rocks.

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“We haven’t really had any kind of communication with between them and also us,” the 16 and also Pregnant alum, 30, said Us Weekly specifically on Thursday, September 2. “I don’t understand if that will certainly change. … It just hasn’t really come up. There’s no really to be an opportunity or a requirement for united state to have actually a conversation or mend things or anything choose that.”


Maci Bookout and also Ryan Edwards. MTV(2)

During the midseason reunion, which aired in April, points hit a boiling allude when host Dr. Drew Pinsky request Ryan Edwards‘ dad, Larry Edwards, about comments he’d made around Maci and also Taylor during season 9. Ryan, 33, share 12-year-old Bentley through Maci. (The Tennessee native also shares Jayde, 6, and also Maverick, 5, with Taylor, whom she wed in 2016.)

“A 12-year-old boy can be manipulated,” Larry said Dr. Attracted at the time. Maci, however, said she had no idea the Bentley’s grandparents felt the way.

“Watching this show and also kind of hearing and also seeing how they to be feeling, the was type of shocking come me,” the Bulletproof writer explained. “I did not realize that feelings and also believing of me manipulating Bentley or us manipulating Bentley. I did not know that existed. Ns didn’t recognize that’s just how y’all felt.”

In the very same episode, Taylor likewise accused Larry and also his wife, Jen Edwards, of making Bentley feel “guilty” around his partnership with his father. “Ryan has never been there for him, yet y’all put it top top Bentley!” the said throughout the show.

Nearly five months later, Maci stated she wouldn’t speak to her connection with Larry and Jen “broken,” however she’s likewise not ready to put whatever behind her.

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“I’m not sure that it’s vital right now,” she told Us. “It’s likewise something the I would certainly not desire to force. I wouldn’t desire it to happen unnaturally or at the dorn time. … i don’t think now is the right time now. Favor I said, I simply don’t desire it to be something it is forced.”

Bentley, for his part, no bothered by the drama continue on camera, yet he does watch the show.

“He actually commonly watches it with me prior to it actually airs,” Maci explained. “And that’s just since he likes to be ready for any questions or anything that he can get at school. Due to the fact that apparently middle school girl love to watch Teen Mom.”

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The Naked and Afraid alum noted that the tween periodically gets “interested” in things he didn’t know happened, yet for the many part, he’s no that right into the reality series.

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“He no really like the show, girlfriend know,” she joked. “He doesn’t clock it because he thinks it’s, you know, cool.”

New episodes of Teen mom OG premiere top top MTV Tuesday, September 7, at 8 p.m. ET.

With report by Christina Garibaldi

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