Marilyn Milian Biography

Marilyn Milian is one American television personality, lecturer, and retired Florida Circuit Court judge who is ideal known for presiding over the American courtroom television collection The People’s Court. Milian is the very first Hispanic arbitrator come preside over a court show. In ~ the finish of the show’s 28th season (2012–13), she had actually completed twelve-and-a-half periods presiding over The People’s Court, making her the longest-presiding arbitrator ~ above the show. 

Marilyn Milian Education

Milian graduated from St. Brendan High School. She to visit the university of Miami wherein she earned she undergraduate level in psychology. She climate enrolled at Georgetown University regulation Center, earning her J.D. Milian then invested a year at Harvard legislation School, working as director of training for the Guatemala Project. Milian to be responsible because that training the Guatemalan trial judiciary, defense, and also prosecution bar in investigatory and also trial techniques.

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Marilyn Milian legit career

Judge Marilyn worked as an assistant state attorney for the Dade ar State Attorney’s Office. Janet Reno, who was climate the state attorney for the ar appointed she to the position. In 1999, Milian to be appointed to the Miami Circuit Court through Florida branch Jeb Bush, where she served in the Criminal Division.

Before that, referee Marilyn spent five years in the Miami county Court in the domestic Violence Court, Criminal, and also Civil divisions. In 2001, Milian replaced Jerry Sheindlin as judge of The People’s Court and also became the an initial Hispanic referee on any kind of English-language television court show. She is listed as an adjunct faculty member of the college of Miami school of Law, teaching litigation skills.

Marilyn Milian The People’s Court

Judge Marilyn serves as presiding judge in the second life that the courtroom present The People’s Court, the very first arbitration-based truth court show, and the second-longest-running court display in history. She has presided over the program since spring 2001, which to be late in The People’s Court’s 17th season.


Marilyn Milian Photo

The People’s Court has actually featured a few arbitrators, v Judge Marilyn currently holding the title of the longest-presiding arbitrator over the series. By the perfect of the show’s 28th season (2012–13), she had actually completed twelve and a half seasons presiding end the program, officially making she the longest-running referee on The People’s Court.

Differently native The People’s Court’s ahead arbiters, Marilyn is considerably much more animated in her role, through an assertively loud voice and propensity to talk v her hand (gesticulate), however she’s likewise known because that being levelheaded and also reasonable in she observations and handling that the cases. Back engaging because that the many part, judge Marilyn also dishes out a good-natured, lively sass in ~ the litigants and also does not tolerate any disrespect from them.

She describes Americans’ fascination through the court show genre: “We space a fast-food nation. Civilization love to watch resolution, they desire to clock someone who has done wrong confronted and see justice prevail … all in one hour.”

In a 2017 Saturday Night Live parody the The People’s Court, Milian was portrayed by Cecily strong where she presided over a case between President Donald Trump and also three judges of the United states Court that Appeals for the nine Circuit.

Marilyn Milian period / referee Marilyn Milian Age

Milian is 59 years old together of 2020. She to be born on may 1, 1961, in Manhattan, new York City, joined States. She celebrates her birthday on first May every year.

Marilyn Milian Height

Milian stands in ~ a elevation of 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m) tall, and her load is 117 lb / 53 kg.

Marilyn Milian parents / Family

Milian is the daughter of Jorge, a general contractor, and also Georgina Milian who space both Cuban. She to be born in Manhattan and with her family members from Astoria, Queens, come Miami as soon as she was eight years old. Milian is fluently in English and also Spanish.

Marilyn Milian Husband / judge Marilyn Milian Husband

Milian is married to john Schlesinger due to the fact that 1993. She husband is a former assistant United claims attorney, who in 2004 was elected to the 11th justice Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County, Florida, the same place that judge Marilyn held before retiring come The People’s Court. The couple resides in Coral Gables, Florida, through their three children.

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Marilyn Milian Children

Judge Marilyn is a mom of three kids Cristina Schlesinger (born in 1996), Alexandra Schlesinger (born in 1998), and also Sofia Elena Schlesinger (born in 2001.)

Marilyn Milian network Worth / referee Marilyn Milian Husband

Milian has actually an estimated net precious of $30 million i m sorry she has earned with her career as a tv personality, lecturer, and also judge.

Marilyn Milian Tv Shows

2001–present: The People’s Court – play a role as Herself2002: together the civilization Turns – play a function as Judge2007: George Lopez – playing a function as referee Alvarez

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