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What go Harvey perform for a living?Who are Harvey’s parents and siblings?What space Harvey’s interests and also hobbies?Is Harvey married or does he have actually a girlfriend or boyfriend?Does Harvey have any kind of children?Where is Harvey now?How tall is Harvey?How much money go Harvey earn?What is Harvey’s network worth?

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Who is Harvey Levin?

Harvey Levin is one American tv producer, lawyer, legal analyst, and celebrity reporter. The is the founder the TMZ, a celebrity news website. Harvey is likewise the organize of OBJECTified i m sorry airs ~ above the Fox News Channel.

From December 18, 1975, till January 1, 1996, he to be an active attorney in the state the California. He taught legislation at the college of Miami college of legislation under Soia Mentschikoff in the mid-1970s. Levin briefly exercised in Los Angeles prior to returning come teach in ~ Whittier College school of Law.

The introduction and conflict surrounding California Proposition 13 in 1978 thrust him into the public’s eye complying with his performances in a variety of public debates. V his newfound fame, Levin started to contribute legal advice top top a radio present where he to be nicknamed “Doctor Law”, and also write columns because that the Los Angeles Times. Harvey’s columnist career with the time spanned 7 years.

Harvey spanned legal problems for KNBC-TV in 1982. He later joined KCBS-TV and also spent a decade doing investigative reporting and also legal analysis, most notably covering the O.J. Simpson murder case. That was named co-executive producer and also on-air legal anchor because that The People’s Court in 1997. Levin produced Celebrity Justice, i m sorry ran indigenous 2002 come 2005.


A picture of Harvey Levin

He produced beyond Twisted, i beg your pardon aired in 2009 because that one season prior to being canceled. He created Famous in 12 (2014), one experiment in exploiting a family members for rapid fame. The show was later canceled after less than one season, through only 5 of the scheduled twelve episodes having actually aired.

How Old Is Harvey Levin?

Harvey Robert Levin is 70 year old together of 2020 having been born top top September 2, 1950, in Los Angeles County, California, U.S. He share his birthday with other well-known people such together Keanu Reeves, Salma Hayek, mark Harmon, Pawan Kalyan, Eugenio Derbez, among others.

Harvey Levin Family

Who space Harvey’s parents?

Levin was born come a Jewish family.

Does Harvey have Siblings?

Harvey’s secretive nature has displayed up in his an individual life. That has managed to save his household background really private. In situation there is news concerning his parents and also siblings, us shall upgrade it right here as shortly as possible.

Harvey Levin Education

Levin attend high institution at Grover Cleveland High institution in Reseda, Los Angeles, and also graduated in 1968 v honors. He later on attended the college of California, Santa Barbara, whereby he graduated through a B.A. In political science in 1972. Levin climate attended the college of Chicago regulation School and also graduated through a J.D. In 1975.

Harvey Levin Boyfriend

His longtime companion is Andy Mauer who is a southerly California chiropractor. The pair owns multiple properties together, share joint-deed listings due to the fact that the so late 1990s and also early 2000s.

Harvey showed up as an occasion speaker for the national Lesbian and also Gay Journalists association in April 2010. In the event, he publicly evidenced his self-identification together gay. Levin questioned his are afraid of shedding his job if someone to be to find out, which resulted in him compartmentalizing his an individual and expert lives.

He has actually been called to the end magazine’s “Power 50” perform as among the most significant voices in LGBT America because 2012 as soon as he was named #15. Levin has since been named #25 in 2013, #34 in 2014, #48 in 2015, and also #40 in 2016.

Harvey Levin Objectified

He has hosted the weekly prerecorded display OBJECTified top top FOX News Channel due to the fact that 2016.

Harvey Levin TMZ

AOL and also Telepictures Productions released TMZ v Harvey as the founder and also managing editor in 2005. The celebrity website conveniently rose come prominence when it broke the story the Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest and an ext antisemitic rant. That later broke the news regarding a number of high-profile celebrity stories including the abuse of Rihanna by kris Brown, the deaths of heather Ledger, Brittany Murphy, and Michael Jackson. The Los Angeles Times named the website’s coverage the Jackson’s fatality as the best story the website had covered to date.

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Harvey Levin People’s Court

Since he joined The People’s Court in 1983, Harvey Levin Productions has developed his media projects.In 1985, he composed The People’s Court: how to phone call It to the Judge, reviewing and also providing comment on several instances from the show. The Library journal “recommended because that public libraries.”

Harvey Levin network Worth

The entrepreneur has actually an approximated net worth of $15 million.