Bret Sergeant Hart is a member that the Hart wrestling family, the is a previous WWF champion and a Second-generation wrestler. The is mostly known as Brett “The Hitman Hart”. That is a Canadian-American wrestler that was a 5 time WWF champion and to be the an initial man to gain the WWF and also WCW triple crown championship at the same time. Newly in 2016, Bret Hart was inducted right into WWE room of Fame.

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Bret Hart network Worth 2020

As that 2020, Brett Hart network Worth is $14 million. That earned most of his money native WWF, acting and also writing jobs. Bret is additionally the founder and also Co-owner the the Calgary Hitmen the the west Hockey organization which adds value to his net worth.

Bret Hart Siblings

Bret Hart has actually Eleven Siblings, 7 brothers( Smith, Bruce, Keith, Wayne, Ross, Dean , and also Owen) and 4 sisters( Ellie, Georgia, Allison , and also Diana). Many of Bret Hart"s brothers were skilled wrestlers, while Wayne and Dean to be Wrestlers and Referees. Ellie, Georgia , and Allison have all do appearances on various WWE communication , if Diana has actually written many publications related to Wrestling.


Bret Hart Family

Bret Hart has been married 3 times, he married Julie Smardu Hart in 1982 and they were together until 2002. After ~ that, that married his second wife Cinzia Rota in 2004 and were together for just two years.

He married his third wife Stephanie Washington in 2010 and also they room still together.


Bret Hart Children

Bret and also his very first wife have four kids Dallas Hart, blade Hart, Jade Lambros and also Alexandra Sabina “ Beans” Hart. Alexandra, Jade , and Dallas space married and have children, while tongue Hart is still unmarried.


Bret Hart Costume

During many of his job Bret wore his iconic Pink and also Black costume, which ended up being synonymous through him. His costume due to the fact that iconic and also many fans would certainly love to monitor him and dress up together him.


Bret Hart Earnings

Bret Hart network Worth is $14 million, many of which the earned by being a expert wrestler because that the WWF. He likewise earns part money through his acting and writing jobs. In the mid-1990s Bret Hart earned roughly $9 million indigenous WCW Monday Nitro. He likewise took home a salary of about $2,500,000 native his contract v WCW in 1997. Bret is also the founder and Co-owner of the Calgary Hitmen that the western Hockey league which adds value to his network worth.

Full NameBret Sergeant Hart
Age62 Years
ResidenceThe Hart Mansion, Calgary, Alberta
Net Worth$14 Million
Source that IncomeProfessional Wrestling, Writer & Actor
EndorsementsCalgary Hitmen
CharityAACR Foundation
Marital StatusMarried to Stephanie Washington (2010 - Present)


People additionally ask

Who is Bret Hart married to?

Bret Hart is married to Stephanie Washington due to the fact that 2010. His previous marriage with Cinzia Rota lasted native 2004-2007. Before that, Hart and Julie Smadu to be married native 1982 to 2002.

Why did Bret Hart retire?

A major concussion forced Bret Hart to retire from in-ring competition. Hart experienced the injury in a match against Goldberg in ~ Starrcade 1999. .

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Why walk Bret leaving WCW?

Bret Hart to be released native WCW in the at an early stage 2000 owing to his injuries. Hart later asserted that his WCW stint to be lacklustre.