Whataburger Careers & tasks – Application, just how to Apply, requirements & Interview Tips

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To start looking for jobs and also submit an application, check out Whataburger’s careers website. Here, you can uncover out what it’s favor to occupational at Whataburger.Whataburger offers various fast-food jobs like:
Restaurant StaffAs a Restaurant Staff, you will do it be on the front-lines with the customers. You’ll assist to collect orders and make suggestions about menu items and also promotions. For this job, you’ll need to be good at communicating with customers. A pleasant personality is a plus!Cook
As a Cook, you’ll put with each other orders together they come in. You will do it follow Whataburger’s standard recipes and procedures come prepare meals quickly and also efficiently. Having actually food organization experience is a plus, but a willingness to learn is most important!Prep CookWorking together a prep Cook way that you’ll prepare every the ingredients that will be offered to make Whataburger menu items. This consists of anything native stacking shelves through ingredients, labelling them, and bringing them out as needed. For this job, you must be comfortable working on her feet most of the time.CashierAs a Cashier, you will do it help collect orders and payments. It’s vital that you can multitask in this role. You’ll need to always be pleasant in the direction of customers and also answer any type of questions. This is done while likewise collecting payment and also giving earlier any change.Equipment TechnicianA restaurant deserve to only operation well if its devices is functioning. That’s where you come in. As an tools Technician, you’re responsible because that maintaining and also repairing all restaurant equipment.

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This might include fridges, fryers, cookers and more! because that this job, it’s necessary that you’re good at working with industrial equipment.Manager JobsAt Whataburger, friend can additionally apply for monitoring roles choose Restaurant Manager. In this role, you will do it oversee whole Whataburger ar of her own! you will do it lead and also inspire her team come make certain that customers are happy and profits room high!


When you begin your job at Whataburger, you’ll get access to great benefits. This has medical benefits like health, dental and vision insurance. You’ll additionally get financial benefits prefer a 401(k) to save plan, profit Sharing, and also Whataburger’s high quality Meal Program for discounted meals.At a minimum, you might make $8 one hour together a Front finish Associate, 24% below the national median for comparable jobs elsewhere. Below are a few other wages you can earn:
Restaurant Staff ($12 an hour)Cook ($10 an hour)Prep Cook ($10 one hour)Cashier ($9 one hour)Equipment Technician ($25 an hour)HVAC Technician ($25 an hour)Restaurant Manager ($50,000 a year)

How Old execute You need to Be To job-related At Whataburger?


You need to be at the very least 16 years old to occupational at Whataburger. This is true for any type of job friend might apply for at Whataburger. In ~ this age, you can use for entry-level duties like:Restaurant StaffPrep CookCashier

Does Whataburger medicine Test?

Yes, Whataburger sometimes performs medicine tests. The likelihood of this happening is low. Past employees have shared that medicine tests usually take place when you relocate up come a Manager position. The medicine test is excellent by collecting a urine sample. It’s no clear if they collect the sample on-site or at a third-party medical facility.

Does Whataburger do Background Checks?

Yes, Whataburger go background checks. Follow to past applicants, the check may watch up come ten years into your history. In the past, Whataburger has rental applicants who have criminal records.

Possible Whataburger Interview concerns & Tips

Why perform You want To work-related At Whataburger?Companies prefer to understand that you’re not simply there for the money. If castle ask girlfriend this question, tell them how your an individual interests, strengths, or goals relate to the project you’re applying for.What carry out You expect To attain By involvement Whataburger?For questions prefer these, you can tell them the you’re spring to discover new skills, gain new experiences, and meet amazing people! What room Your Strengths and Weaknesses?If lock ask you around your strengths, be honest about them but always stay humble. If she talking around your weaknesses, be honest as well. Constantly mention how you’re overcoming or regulating those weaknesses.Where perform You check out Yourself In five Years? A question choose this is intended to know your ambition and commitment. You deserve to say that you hope to it is in in a leadership position in five years. How would certainly You take care of A difficult Customer?Sometimes, recruiters asking you just how you’d reaction in details situations. As soon as it comes to an overwhelming customers, always continue to be calm. Ask questions to recognize their needs, and also do your ideal to carry out a solution. If girlfriend don’t recognize what come do, be a team player by asking a at sight or teammate for help.

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Whataburger rental Process

Past applicants uncovered the Whataburger hiring procedure to it is in a positive experience. They consider the interviews to be easy. Overall, the process should only take it a job or two.Sometimes, the hiring process starts v a screening phone call call. Then, you’ll be interviewed on-site at a Whataburger location. In part cases, they could give friend a problem-solving exercise as a test. No matter what task you’re using to, constantly look your best! Come pull in a business casual outfit for your interview.

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