After month of epic dance-offs and also epic J.Lo outfits, it to be Les twins took residence the World of Dance optimal prize. Due to the fact that identical deals with + similar moves = $1 million, amiright? Here’s the win performance the won that all.

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So who space these uber-talented, newly-minted millionaire twins? Well, the thing around Les twins — and some have argued this to be an unfair benefit — is that they to be pretty famous prior to their stint on World the Dance. From hanging out through Jenners and also Hadids come dancing through Queen Bey, right here are five things you should know around two of the world’s best (and favourite!) dancers.

1. They’re self-taught dancers from France

The 28-year-old identical twins, whose genuine names are Laurent and also Larry Bourgeois, to be born and also raised in the rough-n-tough north Parisian suburb that Sarcelles. Through talent, ambition and also a whole lot of difficult work, they got the end of the “crime-ridden, gang-infested ghetto” and also landed top top the human being stage.

2. They’re models (and they’re friends through models)

photo by Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Here are the guys pictured at Vogue’s 95th Anniversary Party in Paris, France. They’re just, girlfriend know, stop their very own in a pic with Kendall Jenner and also Gigi Hadid. NBD or anything. Les pair have modelled for Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Adidas, Beats by Dre and H&M and appeared in JAY-Z’s video clip campaign “That’s Rocawear.” most recently, they join the wait Jordan family.

3. Vogue called them 2 of fashion’s many stylish men

Donatella Versace had actually encouraging words for Anthony Vaccerello. 'Ive been backstage and I desire it ALL,' she said, sitting between #LesTwins, Larry and Laurent Bourgeois.

A write-up shared by main Les pair (
In 2015, the boys come 13th ~ above Vogue.com’s list of many fashionable men. However perhaps their greatest fashion moment came at Anthony Vaccarello’s fall 2015 show, where the 2 sat on one of two people side of Donatella Versace.

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4. They’ve performed through Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, Timbaland and Dr Dre.

Les Twins got their start in Paris street dancing and also spread their art via indigenous of mouth and YouTube. Then, they began doing battles and shows. Then, Beyoncé tracked lock down and insisted that the brothers dance with her at the 2011 Billboard Awards. “She was trying to find us for prefer two years. When she discovered us, she really went crazy,” Larry said i-D Magazine. “We were just supposed to satisfy her, yet she said that we had actually to dance v her, and also she got us there and then. Due to the fact that that day, we haven’t stopped working v her.”