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Are you planning a large crochet project and also trying to number out how much yarn you should buy? If you’ve ever asked yourself (or Googled ad nauseam) how much yarn you need for a certain project, this post is because that you! I have been making use of this an approach for determining how much yarn I’ll need for years, and also it is always fun (and remarkable) come see how close i get!


Once you’ve acquired a swatch, and also you’re happy v the fabric, hook size, yarn, etc, the is time to calculation the load of each individual stitch. To obtain as specific a review as possible, make sure that the loop left over from the critical stitch made is no super long (so as to not skew the weight).

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If we have actually 30 stitches per row and also 10 rows, we have 300 bland total. Take the total weight of your piece and also divide by the variety of stitches in her swatch.


weight / number of stitches = weight per stitch

Because that how little this number is, save track of all of the decimals. Allll of them. currently that we know the weight of every individual stitch, ask yourself how huge you want your ceiling to be. In this indict we space pretending the we desire a blanket that is 50″ broad and 60″ tall. Since most gauge swatches space measured in 4″ squares, that is what we’ll use to determine width and also height of every stitch.


If, in 4″ of twin crochet stitches, we have actually 13 stitches, each stitch is roughly .307″ wide. We want our ceiling to be 50″ wide, therefore we divide 50″ by .307″, telling us that us need around 162 darn to same 50″ width.


If, in 4″ of dual crochet rows, we have 7.5 rows, each row is around .533″ tall. We want our ceiling to be 60″ tall, so we division 60″ by .533″, telling us that us need about 112 rows. (More top top counting your crochet rows here.)

This way that we require 162 stitches per heat for 112 rows, or 18,144 bland total. Now all that is left is come multiply that out using the weight of every stitch.

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Red Heart with Love come in 370 yard, 7 oz skeins, therefore we will need about 5 and also one 4 minutes 1 skeins. Ta-da!!!

For more complicated stitch sets, or those the span numerous stitches and/or rows (such together the Argyle Shell), you’ll still work-related up a tiny swatch and weigh it. Rather of going off of total variety of stitches, you’ll desire to recognize the load of the repeat, preferably number of repeats and/or numerous rows of repeats. Again, the larger your swatch here, the much more accurate her estimate will be.


Using this technique of estimating yardage because that projects, i am usually off by no an ext than 20 yards in one of two people direction. Quite darn sweet if friend ask me!