The most usual drug test adulteration method is drink water come dilute a pee sample. The sport in water expelled in to pee from person to person makes it hard to detect and also since the to pee still originates from the subject’s human body temperature strips and observation witnesses can not detect water dilution. How much water does it take to dilute a drug test sufficient to happen though?

How medicine Tests Work

The very first thing you need to understand is how urine drug screens work. Castle contain antibodies that affix to metabolites in the urine of the human being being tested. The test determines if the amount of antibodies which correlate come a drug in the urine are over or under a mentioned cutoff level.

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Other testing methods determine the exact quantity that metabolites and also several various other levels such as creatinine, protein and also pH. In these more advanced laboratory tests the creatinine level in the sample is a clear indication of water loading and also the sample will certainly either be corrected and also normalized based on the creatinine levels in her urine or will certainly be significant a fail for dilution outright.

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Past a certain point to pee dilution will certainly raise suspicions or lead to a fail test, yet for someone the doesn’t drink the recommended daily allowance that water under normal situations drinking water can considerably lower the concentration of metabolites in her urine without transforming the urine completely clear and also without failing an analysis for short creatinine levels.

Did you Know? The average person urinates between 35-50 ounces every day and makes an typical of 4-10 trips to the bathroom.

Federal recommendations for drug Test Cutoff Levels

THC 50 ng/mLCOC 300 ng/mLOPI 2000 ng/mLAMP 1000 ng/mLMET 1000 ng/mLBZO 300 ng/mLMDMA 500 ng/mLMTD300 ng/mLOXY 100 ng/mLBUP 10 ng/mLBAR 300 ng/mLTCA 1000 ng/mL

How Water Dilution for Drug trial and error Works

The average healthy adult has actually a bladder that will certainly comfortably host 16 ounces or 2 cups of liquid. Water loading works by enhancing the overabundance water in your body so the bladder will certainly refill through excess water before the typical mixture the byproducts and the normal level the water used to expel these byproducts accumulates back into the bladder.

The timeframe the ingestion matters as lot as how much water you drink. The takes in between 45-120 minutes because that ingested water to begin pushing urine the end of her body.

Witnesses and technicians will suppose to view some color to her urine sample. A sample that is completely clear is a big red flag, however even the slightest color is agree in many cases.

Since a medicine test records a single photograph of her urine content, the score of who trying come adulterate your urine through water dilution is to have the optimum ratio of overabundance water and normal urine at the moment they submit your test.

When it comes to urine dilution you really have to ask yourself 2 questions.

How much water can I ingest without turning my urine totally clear?

How much water will certainly it take it to minimize metabolite concentrations under the most likely cutoff levels?

How lot water can I ingest without transforming my urine totally clear?

It is tough to say precisely how lot water you have the right to ingest before your urine starts to come out clear because there room so numerous variables, yet in a 1-2 hour timeframe approximately twice bladder capacity plus the quantity of water her body is expelling with sweat and also cellular process results in clean urine. About 32 ounces the water in a 1-2 hour duration will bring your urine come the allude it will start to be completely clear.

A examine in the Annals the Pediatric Edocrinology Metabolism found that the maximum lot of water a person should ever before drink is in between 27-33.8 ounces per hour. This is the maximum quantity of water a healthy human body can process without resulting in harmful results to electrolyte ratios.

Medical review

How much water will it take it to reduce metabolite concentration under the most likely cutoff levels?

Now the we understand the level of every metabolite her urine need to be under you need to recognize the level that the metabolite currently in her urine. You might send a to pee sample off for a laboratory gas chromatography and also mass spectrometry test however that would be prohibitively expensive. The best most world can carry out is guess.

In one study Urinary removed of 11-Nor-9-carboxy- 9-tetrahydrocannnabinol in cannabis Users found that out of the 60s subjects admitted come the test they were evenly spread out out in between the groups of 150ng/ml. The studied proved that greater concentrations took much much longer to remove detectable level from their system.

As you can show the metabolite because that THC is detectable much longer for hefty users.

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Users the were under the 50ng/ml cutoff in ~ the beginning routinely started passing medicine tests on the very first or second day. All subjects that to be under the 50ng/ml cutoff had eliminated all detectable THC metabolite (illegal in numerous states and some prosecutors would certainly make the dispute that urine diluted by drink an extreme amount that water is a clear situation of adulteration.