Many the us space guilty of do prank calls as soon as we to be younger. Once I was really young, ns unknowingly do a prank contact by call a pizza place, speak “Hello, one pizza please!” favor some cartoons do prior to hanging up, genuinely reasoning that was sufficient to gain a pizza delivered to me.

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Prank calls choose these are usually harmless, however not all of them are. Some space hurtful, hateful, and also can also make the human being pranked feeling unsafe. In this cases, girlfriend can obtain arrested because that prank phone call for different reasons. Here’s why.

What specifies Prank Calling?

Something is considered a prank speak to when the caller phone call a human being with the intent of playing a useful joke. A prank caller have the right to be law this because that fun, as a dare, or for any type of other reason. They can prank contact someone lock know, a organization number, or simply randomly dial a number.

In the early on ’80s and also ’90s, the was very easy come prank call people due to the fact that there to be no way for the recipient to understand the variety of who was calling. Through the so late ’90s onwards, an ext telephones, cellphones, and smartphones had caller ID, making it more challenging for prank callers to stay anonymous.

Can You get Arrested for Prank Calling?

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That counts on determinants like who you’re pranking and what you’re speak to them. Prank call is thought about a nuisance call as it is both unwanted and also solicited. Many prank calls space in the same organization as silent calls, target dials, and also telemarketing calls. Acquisition this come court would be taken into consideration a weak criminal situation because, although annoying and obnoxious, this calls just waste her time, which isn’t really versus the law.

However, part prank callers often tend to walk overboard with their calls. They finish up saying points that space obscene, offensive, or just downright threaten the receiver’s safety. Also if this is an north threat, threatening violence is a criminal act. When it is that severe, you can get arrested.

In 1995, because that example, Canadian DJ Pierre Brassard impersonated previous Canadian prime Minister Jean Chrétien and successfully prank called Queen Elizabeth II.

What Brassard did to be obnoxious, yet there was nothing versus the law around what he claimed to Elizabeth II. Yet had the harassed her, insulted her, or stated anything offensive, the would more than likely have ended up behind bars.

What type of Prank Calling can You obtain Arrested For?

You’re i can not qualify to gain reported on if you’re prank calling her friends or close family members. Several of them may not take it it likely, and also it’ll be difficult to prank call since most telephones and smartphones have caller ID.

However, calling a stranger or a company may no slide for this reason easily. In fact, you may be charged with details crimes favor the following. If discovered guilty of these crimes, you might be arrested and also required to show up in court. Exactly how long a attempt lasts relies on the severity of her actions.


The most most likely crime you can obtain arrested for is harassment. Some people may think her prank is annoying yet not worth pushing charges against, however your pranks deserve to cross the threshold towards actually illegal harassment.

Let’s to speak you make a prank contact at 11 PM. It’s very disrespectful particularly if that person is very early sleeper, yet they may let it slide. However, if you’re calling numerous times a day, making threatening remarks, and also have been especially targeting one person, they have actually a appropriate to speak to the police and you could be tracked and charged with harassment.

Hate Crimes

Hate crimes aren’t limited to discriminating against people ~ above the street based on race, sex or religion. That can likewise be seen with prank calling.

Let’s say the you contact someone belonging come the LGBT+, a person of a particular religion, race, or nationality. Or, if you contact a stranger in ~ random, you find out through the speak to that they space a human of a various demographic. If you begin mocking or insulting these things about a person, you have the right to be charged with committing a hate crime if they choose to report you to the police.


Ever wonder why, as soon as calling a service or organization, how they always have to tell your callers that the speak to is being recorded? This is because it is almost always illegal to document a phone call or exclusive conversation uneven both the caller and also the recipient are conscious that they space being recorded.

If you are prank calling for the services of recording calls to share online, this can be considered a felony. This is due to the fact that you carry out not have the receiver’s consent to record them.

Can You obtain Arrested for Prank calling 911?

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911 is intended for emergencies only. If girlfriend clogged up the line through a prank call, you might be delaying a person who genuinely needs aid from getting to an operator. So, some says make that a severe offense to prank speak to 911 or speak to for non-emergencies.

States have actually their own laws against 911 prank callers. This can selection between fines or jail time. In Virginia, for example, make a false report deserve to earn friend a $2,500, a year in jail, or both. In California, phone call 911 come harass other people (e.g. Claiming her neighbor’s house is ~ above fire for this reason their house will be swarmed by firemen) can warrant a $1,000 fine, 6 months in jail, or both, while repetitive non-emergency calls deserve to lead to a $200 fine per call.

Can You get Arrested because that Prank calling McDonald’s?

This applies to every restaurants and other businesses. It really counts on what friend do once you call. Calling a McDonald’s and also asking for a Whopper may be annoying and also obnoxious, however it’s no illegal. However, call a McDonald’s, notified 100 big Macs, and sending them to a random place is considered a crime because you currently owe them approximately $350.

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While part prank phone call won’t get you arrested, it’s ideal not come prank call anyone in ~ all. You may not acquire arrested, but you’ll be wasting people’s time or recording them in ~ a poor time.