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Tapered pipeline threads are among the most typical end connections uncovered in industry. Lock are fairly simple to do up, yet they always need a sealant because there are designed-in gaps between the male and also female threads.This 3-minute clip shows how to use PTFE tape, a object sealant offered on masculine tapered pipeline threads:

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Filling gaps between roots and crests

There are numerous different sealants available. Among the most well-known is PTFE tape. The letter stand because that polytetrafluoroethylene. It"s a slim film the fills in the gaps between the roots and also crests the tapered pipe threads. PTFE ice lubricates the threads, which allows them to be an ext easily screwed together, come the allude of deformation, i m sorry is what creates the seal. PTFE tape provides reliable sealing on steel pipe object in applications approximately 450 levels Fahrenheit, or 230 levels Celsius. That conforms to Commercial Item description A-A-58092.


Assembling tools

To properly use PTFE tape, you"ll need a pair of devices in enhancement to the roll of tape:

An open-end wrenchA dry, soft-bristled brushA vise or back-up wrench because that the female pipe fitting.

Make certain that PTFE is ideal for the job. It need to be supplied only on male tapered pipeline threads. Execute not use it on right threads such together those supplied on flared, coned or tube fitting ends.

First, use the soft-bristled brush to thoroughly clean the male and female threads to eliminate all previously applied anti-seize link or tape. Usage 1/4 inch vast tape on 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, and also 3/8 inch male tapered pipe threads. Use 1/2 inch large tape on 1/2 inch and larger male tapered pipeline threads.Wrap the ice cream in the direction that the object spiral of the male pipe thread start with the an initial thread. Tape have to never extend beyond or overhang the an initial thread. If it overhangs, the tape can shred and also get into the liquid system.While keeping the sheet of the ice parallel come the confront of the fitting, wrap two to three revolutions of tape. The number of revolutions depends on the thickness of the PTFE ice you are using. PTFE ice cream is thicker than the median hardware store PTFE tape, so 2 to three changes is enough. If you room using thinner tape, girlfriend will must apply more tape. Attract the complimentary end approximately the threads tautly so that it conforms to the threads.When you have actually wrapped sufficient tape, cut or tear off the overfill tape. If the tape does no lie flat, firmly push the tape into the threads. Now tighten the male end link into the adjustment female end connection until finger-tight. Then tighten the male end connection until wrench-tight.

Once the link is tight, execute not loosen it. Act so can mean leakage in ~ the pipeline thread. That"s every there is to it.

Stop leaks


Leaks room common, and little ones are regularly hard to find. Usage our designers to track under argon, helium, nitrogen, and also CDA leaks as small as 1 x10-3 cm3/s. Then gain a hand quantifying each leak and choosing cost-effective methods to tighten up.


* training

In ours pipe Fitting security Seminar, our certified trainers will present you exactly how to properly apply PTFE subject sealant and other sealants and also lubricants, and then ask you to perform it you yourself under their watchful eye.

You will likewise learn around pipe fittings, tube handling, just how to effectively install a tube fitting, and more.

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Tool rental

Here are simply three examples of tool and equipment rentals us offer:

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tools—When purchase doesn"t cost-justify, rental swaging tools. They assist insure exactly assembly of our pipe fittings and hoses.Orbital Welding device Rental—Rent a device for welding 1/8"-4" pipe OD. Easily accessible by the day, mainly or month. Also see our welding seminars.Plastic pipe Flaring tool Rental—Using PFA tubing equipment with good thread flare fittings? rent the warm flaring tool for fast assembly and the best performance.

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