Dog medications dosage needs are normally calculated by weight and also measured in mg of medication per lb of body weight.

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It"s hugely necessary to gain make certain that her dog gets specifically the appropriate dose that medicine, in ~ the exactly time intervals.


Too small medicine might mean the it won"t job-related properly, too much could reason side-effects, potentially life-threatening ones.

The charts below features plenty of of the most typically prescribed dog medications and also several over-the-counter assets which space routinely provided to law dogs.

However, you re welcome don"t provide your dog any kind of medicine or product without an initial checking v your vet come make sure that it"s safe for her dog.

Dog medicines Dosage Chart

Use the charts below to figure out the right dosage of whatever medication your dog is taking.

Dosage is usually given in mg every lb of human body weight

Example:Dog medicine dosage because that Amoxicillin is in between 5mg and 10 mg per lb.

So, the exactly dosage that Amoxicillin because that a 10lb dog would certainly be a minimum of 50mg and a preferably of 100mg.

Given as soon as or double a day.

When dosage and/or frequency is versatile your veterinary will be able to tell you which finish of the scale your dog must be at.

There are number of categories, use these web links to jump to the one you"re interested in:

Some medicines are marketed under a variety of different names. 

To make certain you have actually the ideal information twin check the active-ingredient of everything medication you"re giving.

Check out this cheat-sheet for the most common ones... Brand surname v medicine Names

Antibiotic Dosage for Dogs





There"s a lot to learn around giving pain drugs to dogs

Some medications are no safe for use by part dogs, or by those who have particular health conditions.

Many have the right to have major side impacts that you need to be it is in on the lookout for.

Some popular human ache killers should NEVER be offered to dogs due to the fact that they deserve to be deadly.

Aspirin have the right to be provided for some conditions, for quick periods yet must be given in the correct dosage. See this web page for more... Aspirin because that Dogs

Not all the pain killers above have to be formulated because that veterinary use however are routinely prescribed or recommended.

Please NEVER provide your dog any type of medication without her veterinarian"s knowledge and also approval.

Please visit this page to learn whatever  you require to recognize to store your dog pain cost-free and SAFE... Pain Medication because that Dogs

Anti-Parasitic drugs Dosage for Dogs

Medications provided to treat helminth in dogs have varying dosage instructions and may have different strengths/formulas of assets for dogs of different sizes.

They may also have a range of different strengths, and also be offered for differing periods of time, depending upon which form of parasite is being treated.

Some will be powders/granules, some oral liquids or tablets, part topical and also some injectable.

This way that it"s not feasible to give dog dosage instructions per lb that bodyweight, or any kind of one-size-fits-all dosing method.

The only method to be sure that you are offering your dog the correct dose is:

Use certain instructions from her vetCheck the brand of the specific product you"re using 

Other Dog drugs Dosage Info.

There room a many other human being medications that can be used for dogs, to treat a number of different problems including cradle issues, allergies, take trip sickness and more.

Please pay extra-close attention to the dog medicines dosage instructions detailed below as several of the drugs are calculated per 10 lbs, or 20lbs, fairly than 1 lb the bodyweight.

There are also some fluid (ml) dosages listed.

Many human medications (both prescription and OTC) space approved through veterinarian"s come treat dogs. 

Check the end this web page to learn around these drugs consisting of uses, side-effects and also dosage recommendations... Dog Safe person Medications

Always talk about it through your vet prior to giving Fido a medicine that has not been prescribed/recommended for him.

Brand name v drug Names

The name of the active ingredient (drug) in any kind of medication is frequently not  the name shown on the bottle.

To do it even more confusing, part drugs are easily accessible under two, or also several, different brand names.

If friend don"t have the right information this can make it challenging to inspect the correct dosage of any type of drug, and that"s dangerous.

Here is a perform of some of the brand name drugs most generally prescribed/used for dogs and also the surname of the medicine they contain.

For each category of medication, the first name is the BRAND name, and the second one is the surname of the medicine it contains.

Antibiotics for dogs

Amoxi-Drops.... Ampicillin

Albon.... Sulfadimethoxine

Augmentin.... Amoxicillin Potassium-Clavulanate


Bactin.... Trimethoprim

Baytril.... Enrofloxacin

Biomox.... Ampicillin

Clavamox.... Amoxicillin Potassium-Clavulanate

Flagyl.... Metronizadole

Keflex.... Cephalaxin

Polymox.... Ampicillin

Septra.... Trimethoprim

Synulox.... Amoxicillin Potassium-Clavulanate

Tribrissen.... Trimethoprim

Vibramycin.... Doxycyline

Zithromax.... Azithromycin

Antifungal Drugs because that dogs

Diflucan.... Fluconazole

Fulvicin.... Grisefulvin

Lamisil.... Terbafine

Sporonox.... Itraconazole

Novox.... Carprofen

Previcox.... Firocoxib

Rimadyl.... Carprofen

Anti-parasitic Drugs because that Dogs

Advantage.... Imidacloprid

Advantage Multi.... Moxidectin

Advantix.... Imidacloprid

Advocate.... Moxidectin

Drontal Plus.... Febental (+Praziquantel & Pyrantel)

Ivomec.... Ivermectin

Panacur.... Febendazole

Revolution.... Selamectin

Safeguard.... Febendazole

Valbazen.... Albendazole

Other medicines for Dogs

Dramamine.... Dimenhydrinate

Kaopectate.... Bismuth Subsalicylate

Kaolin-Pectin..... Kaolin & Pectin

Pepcid AC.... Famotidine

Prilosec.... Omeprazole

Prozac.... Fluoxetine

Reconcile.... Fluoxetine

Valium.... Diazepam

Xanax.... Alprazolam

Zantac.... Ranitidine

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