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This classic pasta salad is made through a tri-color rotini, filled with vegetables and also cheeses, and also coated in a scratch-made vinaigrette. The perfect recipe to feed a crowd.


Pasta salad is a standard picnic recipe. What barbecue is finish without a batch the pasta salad that"s large enough for a crowd?

You"ll love this standard pasta salad recipe because it"s quick, easy, and made indigenous scratch. It also makes sufficient to feed 24 civilization or more. It"s additionally easy to scale down because that a smaller group.

This pasta salad is filled through rotini pasta, pepperoni, two kinds the cheeses, many of veggies, and a homemade vinaigrette dressing. Serve this pasta salad at your next family members gathering, barbecue, picnic, or birthday party. It goes v everything!

What need to I put in pasta salad?

This pasta salad is made v tri-color rotini pasta, a homemade vinaigrette, and these flavorful additions:

pepperonired onionbell peppercherry tomatoesblack olivescubed mozzarella cheesefreshly shredded parmesan cheese

If there"s an ingredient you don"t have on hand, or don"t treatment for, it can be skipping or swapped through a comparable ingredient. Save in mind, the much more ingredients girlfriend remove, the more flavor you"re potentially removing from your pasta salad!

Servingpasta salad

I prefer to serve my pasta salad in ~ a few hours that preparing, due to the fact that the pasta will proceed to soak up her dressing together it sits.

If your pasta salad has actually been sitting because that a while and is beginning to dry out, include a splash the olive oil and vinegar to your pasta salad to include some moisture.

This pasta salad recipe will fit in a 9x13 pan or a big serving bowl. If you"re feather to feed a smaller crowd, this recipe is basic to halve or quarter. Click on the servings in the recipe card and also use the slide bar.

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What come serve through pasta salad

Pasta salad is the perfect side dish for any kind of summer occasion - barbecues, picnics, birthdays, or for enjoying every week long with lunch! right here are a couple of of my favorite main dish pairings:

HamburgersHot dogsFried chickenPulled pork

How lengthy does pasta salad last?

Your pasta salad will save for 3-4 work in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Pasta salad deserve to be made up to a day before an occasion and save on computer in the refrigerator, and is best served within 24 hrs for freshest flavor.