Although he to be once referred to as "America"s Dad" (per CNN), bill Cosby"s reputation took a turn for the worse several years back when a number of women come forward v allegations of sexual assault. For countless people, the clash of cardigan-clad TV dad and accused rapist was also dissonant come reckon with, and they make the efforts to rotate a blind eye. But the stories simply kept on coming. In 2015, The cut published a damning essay that had the story of 35 ladies — all of whom accused Cosby that some type of assault. Every in all, at least 60 women have come forward through allegations, follow to The Sun. Also worse, the incidents expectations decades.

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Fast front to 2018. Following a years-long criminal investigation, referee Steven O"Neill sentenced the actor to 10 year in state jail for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in his residence in 2004. In a surprising rotate of events, invoice Cosby was released from prison on June 30, just two year after his conviction (via CNN). He may be go free, however Cosby"s name is forever tarnished. You may be wondering: has his financial institution account taken a struggle too?

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According to Celebrity network Worth, bill Cosby"s riches sits somewhere about $400 million. Most of his paychecks come from his work-related as the creator and star that "The Cosby Show." In fact, in the show"s heyday, Cosby was the highest-paid TV actor in the world, and his basic salary raised from $1 million come $4 million every episode. That then supplied his royalties to broaden his extremely an important portfolio of actual estate and art, which have an estimated combined worth of $250 million or more.

However, the future that the 83-year-old"s finances continues to be uncertain. His highly publicized legal war of current years certainly put him ago a nice penny. In 2019, he tested an arbitration decision that ordered that to pay close come $7 million to a regulation firm that represented him because that a time in 2015 and 2016, per CNN. Cosby attempted come push against this mandate, and also still fan money as of 2020. In a similar fashion, he has presented no remorse for his crime (via The Sun).

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If girlfriend or anyone you know has actually been a victim of sex-related assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest national Network website or contact RAINN"s national Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).