In this quick guide, fine answer the concern "can you over shock a pool" and unveil the components to take into consideration when shocking a pool.

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If you nothing know exactly how lot shock is in your jug, we recommend putting it right into a different container with measurements to ensure you aren’t including too much shock to her pool.

Calcium hypochlorite

This is a solid type of chlorine that acts together a bleaching agent offered to sanitize swimming pool water. Calcium hypochlorite shock is most frequently found in granular form; however, that can also be found in the kind of chlorine tablets. Regardless of even if it is you usage calcium hypochlorite in powder or tablet form, be certain to dissolve the chemical into at least 5 gallons of water prior to mixing it into the pool. This will stop undiluted bleach from relaxing on the pool’s floor or liner, i m sorry can damage or stain the material.

Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite (also recognized as liquid chlorine) is an additional frequently provided option because that shocking pool water. This is a common choice in pool shock because you have the right to pour the solution directly into the pool without having to dissolve the chlorine in water beforehand. This kind of shock is additionally beneficial in the sense that the is least likely to leave your pool cloudy, as granular shock frequently does.

Sodium dichlor

Lastly, an additional common kind of granular shock is sodium dichlor. Although somewhat similar in ingredient to calcium hypochlorite, the main distinction is that sodium dichlor also contains cyanuric mountain (CYA). In swimming pool water, CYA keeps chlorine intact for longer and prevents that from degrading in the sunlight. By making use of a test kit to examine your water and assess her CYA level, you can determine whether you desire this added CYA included in your pool shock. If you are low ~ above CYA, sodium dichlor might be perfect for restoring bespeak to her pool’s chemistry. And also again, due to the fact that sodium dichlor is a solid, granular shock, be certain to dissolve it in water before introducing that to her pool.You’ll desire to dip her test kit into roughly a foot of water and also then traction it ago up to surface. Make sure you pay attention to precisely how plenty of drops the the equipment you require to add to each test tube section.

How much shock execute I have to shock my pool?

A an easy ratio and a standard dominance of ignorance to follow once you shock your swimming pool is come dissolve one lb of one of two people calcium hypochlorite or sodium dichlor for every 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water. If you are using sodium hypochlorite, i.e., fluid chlorine, the proportion comes out to 10 ounces because that every 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water.If you space not certain how countless gallons room in your pool, right here is basic formula:Length of your swimming pool (ft.) x broad (ft.) x depth (ft.) x 7.5 = volume in gallonsYou can likewise use the swimming pool Volume Calculator that is developed into the pool Calculator App, easily accessible on the web, or as a Native app on iOS or AndroidAnother conventional measurement allude for shocking a pool is to measure the chlorine by components per million (PPM). To successfully shock a pool, specifically one v algae growth, you’ll need to carry the chlorine level come at least 30ppm. 

What happens when you add a most shock?

Adding a ton the shock to her pool just for the heck of that won’t speed up the cleaning process. If it’s your an initial time shocking a pool, and also you see unforeseen cloudiness, don’t panic and start aggressively dumping shock into your pool. Some cloudiness is normal and also to it is in expected. In order come clear out a cloudy pool after shocking, girlfriend will should keep your pump and filter on v the circulation continually running. This will most likely take 4-6 hours.Even though it must only take it 4-6 hours to clean the cloudiness, you do not do it measure her chlorine levels the same day did you do it shocked the pool. High chlorine levels will certainly bleach her test strip and give you a false reading. This false reading may convince you the your pool doesn’t have enough shock when, in reality, the does. You desire to avoid adding excess chlorine, so it’s best to wait a couple of days before testing the water. The best thing you have the right to do if you put too lot shock in your pool is to wait that out. Pro tip: the an ext sunlight your pool water gets, the quicker the shock will certainly dissipate.This is an example of what a reading on a test strip will look like.But you’re likewise probably wondering, “Why is my pool green?” or “Why specifically does this cloudiness occur?”. It’s necessary to note that shocking alone walk not work out a eco-friendly or cloudy pool. To get crystal clean water, you additionally need to have actually a great filter. The lot of shock you put in the swimming pool doesn’t matter if you have a poor filter. The green coloration and also the cloudiness have to do through the chemistry composition of your swimming pool – particularly calcium hardness, pH, and CYA concentration. When you shock the pool, you room adjusting each of these levels, depending upon which kind of shock friend choose. Let’s discover each of these 3 factors:

Excess calcium hardness

Knowing her pool’s calcium hardness level can help you choose the type of shock finest suited because that its chemistry composition, and also ultimately avoid cloudy water. If you already have high calcium hardness level in her pool, friend will desire to stop calcium hypochlorite together a shock treatment. The added calcium in calcium hypochlorite adds to her pool’s calcium hardness level – and also when there is an excessive amount of calcium in the pool, you will start to view cloudy water. Instead, opt for a salt dichlor or sodium hypochlorite shock therapy to avoid excessive calcium hardness levels.

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High pH level

When you shock a pool, you test and adjust the pH level because that a reason. V that said, if girlfriend shock a pool external of the 7.2 come 7.4 pH range, not only will girlfriend waste a significant amount that the chlorine used, friend will additionally end up v cloudy water. 

Excessive CYA

Lastly, cyanuric acid levels are also important to assess as soon as shocking your pool. As previously mentioned, if her pool’s chemistry balance has actually low levels of CYA, the is best to usage a salt dichlor shock to carry those levels ago up. However, too much CYA can also lead come this cloudiness after the shock treatment.