Yung Joc, (Real surname Jasiel Amon Robinson) is one American artist renowned for his hit single ‘It’s walking Down‘ in 2006. Yung Joc was born ~ above April 2, 1983, in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in university park. He occurred a enthusiasm for laboratory music once he was just eight years old. Yung Joc’s father, Stanley Tucker, aided him up by signing him into a address Revision, a peak cosmetic brand. Continue reading to understand YG network worth in 2020.

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In 2004, Joc created a record studio in the house. He generally recorded demo tapes through his friend called Nitti. The song attracted Russel ‘Block’ Spencer. Spencer assisted the duo to sign to Diddy’s negative Boy Ent. His very first single in bad Boy Ent was ‘It’s walk Down.’ The tune was a massive success as it come out no 3 ~ above the Billboard hot 100. He then released his an initial album ‘New Joc city‘ in 2006.

The album came out no.3 top top the Billboard 200. It offered 150,000 copies within the very first week. So far, it has actually sold much more than 1 million copies. In 2010, Yung Joc started his music brand ‘Swagg Team Entertainment.’ He has been making use of the label to produce his songs.

YG net Worth 2020.

Yung Joc’s network worth is currently $8 million. He provides $1.8 million per year from record sales and also TV appearances. His famed record ‘New Joe City’ carried him a whooping 500,000.

A huge percentage the YG’s net worth is from the an excellent reception of the 2 songs ‘It’s walk Down’ and ‘Know you See.’ He brings in a substantial amount that cash from music tours. Because that every music tourism that Yung Joc attends, he makes 50,000.

Yung Joc also brings in a great amount that cash from radio, Spotify and also pandora. In 2016, he organized his radio show on Streetz 94.5. Additionally, he provides 50,000 per illustration of ‘Love& i know well Hop: Atlanta.’ because that each season that the show, Yung Joc takes house 300,000 dollars.

He therefore far appears on 82 illustration of the show. Yung Joc likewise made another television figure on two periods of ‘Leave It to Stevie.’ Yung Joc’s other streamy income source is youtube. He frequently short articles music videos top top his youtube channel. Yung Joc is likewise a thriving business person. He own a shop business and car hire company in Georgia.

Throughout his life in the music world, Yung Joc has controlled to scoop many awards. He has won awards like BET i know well hop awards, Billboard music awards, Grammy award, MTV music awards, and Soul Train Music Awards.

Yung Joc net Worth is $8 million.

Looking in ~ his properties, Yung Joc own luxurious cars. He own a Mercedes Benz and also Lamborghini. As well as that, he owns a mansion precious $1.1 million in Georgia.

Yung Joc Wife.

Yung Joc was initially married come his high school girlfriend, Alexandra Robinson. The duo had three youngsters together, a daughter Ja’Kori and two sons, Amir and Chase. Unfortunately, the 2 divorced in 2012.

This to be after Alexandria filed a divorce instance after Yung Joc was connected in adultery through Karlie Redd. Alexandria receives monthly child and also spousal support from Yung Joc.

Yung Joc Girlfriend.

After the divorce, Yung Joc date Karlie Redd. Karlie Redd is a tv personality, hip hop artist, actress, and model. She is part of VH1’s truth television show, Love & hip hop: Atlanta. Also, she owns Redd Remy Hairline and Women’s garments store- Merci Boutique, in Atlanta, Georgia.

She is the mom of one daughter called Jasmine. The relationship in between Karlie Redd and Yung Joc walk not finish well.

Karlie Redd claimed that Yung Joc was affiliated in happy sex. His sexual orientation stays a great mystery, specifically after he to be pictured attract a dress in public.

Yung Joc is right now engaged come Kendra Robinson. Kendra Robinson is a truth star famous for appearing on VH1 series Love & i know well Hop: Atlanta. Before fame, she was component of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

She is a criminal defense lawyer and real estate lawyer through profession. Kendra met Joc as soon as she was seeking for attorney solutions while buying a home. Joc climate proposed come Kendra in march 2019.

Yung Joc Daughter.

YG has actually two daughters, Eden Robinson and Cadence Robinson. Eden Robinson is his daughter v his baby mama, Sina, if Cadence Robinson is Yung Joc’s daughter with his baby mama Carla.

NameJasiel Amon Robinson.
Age36 years.
Net worth$8 million.

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Wife/Girlfriend Kendra Robinson.