just how Much is the Stanley Cup actually Worth? The Stanley Cup, a championship trophy taken residence by winners the the annual National Hockey organization playoffs, is may be the most prolific trophy in the civilization of sports. Ask one ardent hockey fan exactly how mu


The Stanley Cup, a championship trophy taken home by winners of the yearly National Hockey league playoffs, is maybe the most prolific trophy in the world of sports. Ask one ardent hockey fan exactly how much the Stanley Cup is worth and they would undoubtedly say that is priceless. An ext than its worth in money is the heritage surrounding it, transforming it into an iconic price of sporting activities history. Players who have actually not earned it cannot even so lot as touch the revered trophy, and also even those who do, cannot store it for an ext than a year. One needs to understand The Stanley Cup"s storied existence and also value its location within the pages that the background books to be able to appreciate its real worth.

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when it was an initial commissioned in the year 1892, the Stanley Cup was well-known as the ascendancy Hockey an obstacle Cup. It was later on renamed the Stanley Cup, after former Governor general Lord Stanley of Preston that commissioned the trophy and awarded it to the ideal amateur ice cream hockey society in Canada. It remained in the year 1915 that teams belonging come two professional organizations - specific the Pacific coast Hockey Association and also the nationwide Hockey combination – started competing for the cup. Over the years, different teams have dealt with it out to take residence the greatest prize in hockey – a staggering 95 times. The Stanley Cup is likewise known as the divine Grail that hockey. Now there are three versions of the Stanley Cup: the original trophy supplied in the dominion Hockey difficulty Cup, the presentation cup and the replica found at the hall of Fame.

Besides a long and illustrious history, the Stanley Cup likewise has some interesting legends and traditions attached to it. One such well known tradition requires the members that the win team acquisition swigs that champagne out of it, as a mark of celebration.

7 Dimensions

The original cup, do of pure silver, to be 7.28-inches high and had a diameter the 11.42 inches. The existing Stanley Cup trophy, which has the original preeminence Hockey challenge Cup fixed atop, is do from a mix of silver and also nickel. The trophy stands lot taller than the initial at 35.25 inches and weighs a hefty 34 pounds.

In terms of its style the current version the the Stanley Cup is a far cry from the original dominion Hockey difficulty Cup the supervisory board by lord Stanley in 1892. Though the yes, really cup stays the focal suggest in the trophy’s design, it today stands together a larger and much more imposing variation of that old self. While the original cup was simply seven customs high, the current version stands three feet above the ground. Annually a brand-new ring-shaped tier, with names of every member of the winning team engraved ~ above it, is added to the trophy. The tiers added over the years have lent the a towering stature, making it among the most grand and impressive sporting trophies ever created. It"s likewise cool come drink the end of.

5 Value: Then and Now

once the Stanley Cup was first commissioned it cost a handsome $48.67 (10 guineas), which quantities to a tiny over $1,200 in 2013 dollars. However, if the cup was to be remade this particular day the cost would be way more than a meagre $1,200. The cup contains 460 ounces that silver, the present price of an oz of silver- being approximately $23. Therefore, if the Stanley Cup to be to be commissioned today, the price would it is in somewhere about $11,000 – an almost right tenfold boost from its initial fabrication cost.

as with the Stanley Cup is taken into consideration the divine Grail by hockey players and also fans alike, every sport has its own share of similarly revered trophies and cups. Though lot of the worth attached to this trophies stems from their prestige which increases with every team that takes them home at the end of the year, your worth in dollars is equally striking. Below is a look at at three of the many expensive sports trophies various other than the Stanley Cup:

3 The Vince Lombardi Trophy

The well known football trophy awarded to NFL champions was i was delegated in honour of legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi. This nearly two-foot tall trophy crafted the end of sterling-silver by none other than Tiffany and Co. Is estimated to price $50,000 to make. That takes 72 man-hours spread over 4 months to complete this kick-ready football shaped trophy that is handed end to NFL winners every year. It has actually the NFL shield and also the words "Vince Lombardi Trophy" engraved in ~ the base. The trophy is handed end to the year champions at the end of the playoffs, prior to being sent earlier to Tiffany’s whereby the name of the win team, the date and the last Super key score are engraved top top it. The win team gets to keep this seven-pound hefty token the pride and also smaller replicas space crafter because that each player top top the win team. Unlike v the Stanley Cup, NFL teams have the right to collect this trophies every time they victory the super Bowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the super Bowl 6 times, making lock the holders of the most Lombardi Trophies in the league.

2 The Commissioner"s Trophy

The aptly-named Commissioner"s Trophy, awarded to the winners the the MLB World collection Championship, remains among the most well known trophies in the sporting world. Despite the World series has to be going on due to the fact that 1903, the World series Trophy was no commissioned and also handed end to the winners until as late together 1967. The original style underwent some tweaking in 1999 and also emerged together the architecture we recognize today. The two-foot high trophy comprises 30 yellow plated flags – every representing a famous major League team – which space attached to a baseball made out of pure silver through 24-karat vermeil stitches and weighing a whopping 30 pounds. Draft by Tiffany, the trophy’s present worth in terms of materials and craftsmanship has been put at $15,000. The Commissioner"s Trophy is the only one of the four significant sports trophies in the United says to not organize the surname of a particular person.

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1 Larry O"Brien Trophy

With hockey, football, and baseball having their very own illustrious trophies come boast of, could basketball be much behind? The NBA Trophy is named after among the most famous names in the world of basketball, Larry O’Brien, that headed the basketball organization for eight years in between 1975 and 1983. The Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy is do of silver and is additionally a Tiffany production. Draft in 1984, the trophy boasts that a 24-karat gold cover and weighs nearly 14.5 pounds. The trophy i beg your pardon portrays a nine-inch basketball passing through a ring stands 2 feet above the ground. Choose the World series and Super key Trophies, the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy is remade every year and also presented to the win team come keep.