If you haven’t checked out Shaquille O’Neal play, you haven’t experienced what true on-court prominence is like. The 7’1” center entered the league method back in 1992 together the Orlando Magic’s number one draft pick after an illustrious stint play for the Louisiana State University.

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From there, O’Neal would enjoy a 19-year stretch play for countless teams in the NBA, many notably the Los Angeles Lakers. The huge man would likewise go on to garner multiple All-Star appearances, titles, and Finals MVP awards, among others. 

But even with all of these accolades and also accomplishments, O’Neal’s stock in the card market has been mostly quiet when contrasted with number of greats, choose Michael Jordan and also Kobe Bryant. This no the situation anymore due to the fact that during the past few weeks, his map prices have actually soared. We take a look at down listed below why Shaquille O’Neal rookie cards space spiking up the method they are ideal now.

One the the NBA’s most leading players

The whole civilization had never seen someone like O’Neal as soon as he entered the NBA throughout the 1992-93 season. Best from the get-go, the center would typical 23.4 points, 13.9 rebounds, and also 3.5 blocks every game throughout his rookie season. O’Neal would go on to lead the Magic to consecutive playoff runs, including a Finals matchup versus the Houston Rockets in 1995.

While O’Neal to be posting league-leading stats with Orlando, his true potential would never ever be realized throughout his insignificant there. That was only after signing with the Lakers in 1996 walk the facility took a substantial leap in his career.

Entering Mar. 6, 2000, Shaquille O'Neal's career-high to be 53 PTS, which came for Orlando vs. MIN top top Apr. 20, 1994.

O'Neal (22-31 FG, 9-13 FT) exited that video game with 9:13 left in the fourth quarter.

Catch Shaq at his dominant finest now ~ above #NBATogetherLive https://t.co/qm8TP5csmF

— NBA background (
NBAHistory) in march 30, 2020

O’Neal would go on to play seven periods for the Purple and also Gold, where he won three rings in Los Angeles with Bryant and also Phil Jackson. That would likewise post insane numbers, especially during the 1999-2000 season, as soon as Shaq led the organization in scoring and also field goal percentage. At this point, there to be no far better player down in the write-up than O’Neal himself.

After losing to the Detroit Pistons and feuding v Bryant and also the Lakers management, O’Neal was traded to the Miami warmth for a package headlined by Lamar Odom. His pairing with Dwayne Wade, a young star climbing through the ranks ago then, would create the franchise’s very first championship once they beat Dirk Nowitzki and also the Dallas Mavericks in 2006

Shaq’s career, from climate on, would dwindle in the adhering to years, He would certainly play for numerous teams, prefer the Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, and also Boston Celtics, prior to finally retiring in 2011. In the end, O’Neal amassed 28,596 points, 13,099 rebounds, and 2,732 blocks during his 19-year career in the NBA.

How nostalgia dram a role in O’Neal’s surging card stock

The current card explosion is not only exclusive to today’s sexy players and all-time greats. It’s now expanding to characters that have sculpted their own place in NBA history. Instance in allude – Shaquille O’Neal.


It’s a various story altogether one month after. This main alone, a PSA 10 1992 Topps Shaquille O’Neal rookie map is fetching $1,275 come $1,500 ~ above eBay. A PSA 10 yellow variant that this card even reached $6,100 recently. This prices all but confirm that Shaq’s card value has considerably increased in the span of one month.

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Those interested in authorized in top top the fun must wait. Normally, prices for vintage cards go up during the continuous season while those for contemporary cards room either stagnant or tumbling down. This trend will certainly reverse after ~ the All-Star break and during the playoffs itself. When that happens, O’Neal’s stock will certainly drop, offering folks a perfect chance to invest in his cards.