After decades of gracing our tv screens and also cementing his ar as a pop culture icon, household members evidenced on July 25, 2020 that beloved Who wants to it is in a Millionaire host Regis Philbin has passed away at the period of 88.

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According come People, the Philbin family announced the happen of the previous game present host and one half of the legendary morning show Live! v Regis and Kathie Lee in an official statement issued specifically to the magazine. "His family and friends room forever thankful for the time we obtained to spend with the – because that his warmth, his legendary sense of humor, and also his singular capability to do every day right into something worth talk about," the declare read. "We say thanks to his fans and admirers for their incredible support over his 60-year career and also ask because that privacy as we mourn his loss."

No official cause of fatality has been announced in relation to Philbin"s passing — Philbin"s family members reported the he passed away of organic causes, though TMZ reported the an anonymous resource alleges the was because of a love attack. Still, the loss of the beloved TV host and his decades-long media legacy has actually been felt by all. Considering his illustrious career, that seems fairly certain the Philbin amassed a large amount of wealth during his tenure as a tv personality. Therefore what to be Philbin"s net worth as soon as he died? Let"s uncover out.

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Considering Regis Philbin"s long-standing career in media — according come the Guinness publication of civilization Records, he has purportedly held the most amount of hours in the history of television to date — it"s fair to assume that his tough work payment off till the an extremely end. And per Celebrity net Worth, that assumption is completely correct.

As that 2020, Philbin was reportedly worth $150 million, v a salary of $20 million every year at the height of his career. Philbin greatly retired from television in the at an early stage 2010s, with occasional guest appearances on Today with Kathie Lee and also Hoda and other shows.

Philbin also acquired a number of valuable properties throughout his lifetime, consisting of a family members homestead in Greenwich, Connecticut apparently worth $7.2 million, which was purchased in 2008 and also put top top the sector in 2019 in ~ an approximated $4.95 million, every Celebrity net Worth. TMZ"s report suggests the Philbin "possibly" passed far in the family home in Connecticut.

Our understanding go the end to the surviving members that Philbin"s family, including wife Joy and also children Joanna, Jennifer, and Amy.

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Although part stars see success as an everlasting well, Regis Philbin was always realistic around showbiz. "I"ve been approximately long sufficient to understand that everything pertains to an end," the talk show host told Forbes in 2000. "Every day, girlfriend think come yourself, could this it is in the work it stops?"

There"s a great chance Philbin"s humbleness play a pivotal function in his longevity.

Not just was Philbin honest around his career, yet he was giving, too. Situation in point: In 2011, the TV personality helped auction off four VIP ticket to a taping of Live! v Regis and Kelly to progressive money because that a regional nursing residence in Connecticut, Greenwich Time reported. What a standup guy, right?

But wait — that"s no all. Philbin likewise donated $500,000 come renovate the auditorium in ~ his alma mater, Cardinal Hayes High school in the Bronx, follow to Catholic brand-new York. The outlet reported Philbin placed in secondary $50,000 and also $175,000 right into the institution throughout the years. 

There"s no doubt Philbin appreciated the fruit of his difficult labor, but it"s also clear he gave as lot as the earned.