Net Worth:$1.5 Million
Born:September 2, 1971
Country that Origin:United states of America
Source that Wealth:Professional Actor/Comedian
Last Updated:2021


As that 2021, Katt Williams’ network worth is roughly $1.5 million.

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Katt Williams is an American Emmy-award win stand-up comedian, actor, rapper, singer, and also voice actor from Ohio.

He had a duty as Money Mike in ‘Friday ~ Next’, had actually a insignificant on ‘Wild ‘n Out’, illustrated Bobby shaw in ‘My Wife and Kids’, and listed the voice of A Pimp called Slickback in ‘The Boondocks’.

Early Life

Micah Sierra Williams to be born ~ above the second of September, 1971, in Cincinnati, Ohio.Williams to visit Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School. Thereafter, he enrolled at Colonel White High School, whereby he excelled in his studies.

At the period of 12, he won numerous awards because that his science tasks that gained him a complete scholarship to the nationwide Science Academy in Dayton.


Katt Williams to be underage when he did his very first live stand-up comedy routine in an improvisation bar wherein he was well-received by the audience.

He shortly perfected his comic sense and honed his delivery time to crack out great humor. By 1999, Williams has developed his name together a remarkable comedian in the to chat circuit. The graced the step of ‘The Improv’, ‘The Comedy Club’, ‘The Icehouse’ and ‘The Hollywood Park Casino’.

In 2002, Williams likewise made his debut in movies with the rock comedy ‘Friday after ~ Next’. It to be the third installment that the Friday series. The movie earned him prevalent recognition and gave the a an international fan base.

In 2008, Williams came up through his second HBO comedy special, a politics stand-up entitled ‘It’s Pimpim Pimpin’. The was basically Williams’ debut studio album together well.

He acted as a host in ‘Katt Williams Presents: Katthouse’ and also starred in the documentaries ‘Katt Williams: Pimpadelic’ and ‘Katt Williams: 9 Lives’.

Acting and comedy apart, Williams has additionally tried his hand at singing. He has rapped songs because that a couple of artists including Baby Bash, The Game, Suga free under the surname Money Mike.

As that 2021, Katt Williams’ net worth is $1.5 million.


Here are several of the ideal highlights of Katt Williams’ career:

Friday After next (Movie, 2002)Norbit (Movie, 2007)School dance (Movie, 2014)

Favorite estimates from Katt Williams

“My legs tired, ain’t her legs tired!? His foot ain’t Tired! he Just… Tinktinktinktinktinktink, TinktinkTinktinkTinktink!! just paperclips and also Sparks everywhere!”Katt Williams

“You messed up mine self-esteem… B**ch it’s called SELF ESTEEM! It’s the esteem the ya Mutha F**kin me Bitch… how did i f**k up exactly how YOU feel around YOU?” – Katt Williams

“Gas is so mother’f***in high. Warm Damn gas. Sh**!! You room not claimed to be at the gas terminal making life decisions. You simply at the pump, “Did ns eat today?” “I can get no fifty percent a tank, I’ve gained 3 cigarettes.” – Katt Williams

“Some of yall females are in search of a 100% good n***a, and also I had a meeting with all these n***as in attendance tonight and also established that there is no together a n***a. Therefore stop trying to find him. Several of yall had a 98% n***a and also yall eliminated him because that 2% now you sitting beside a 71% n***a hoping he upgrade.” – Katt Williams

“I can remember thinking, at the period of 3, the I created the principle of lying. By a brilliant thought process, ns figured that I can fib and also avoid the repercussions for other I had actually done due to the fact that lying supposed that it never ever happened. However, by the time I to be 5, I pertained to hate lying and also to think that it as the worst thing in the world. That’s my earliest memory. Weird, however true!”– Katt Williams

3 Life Lessons native Katt Williams


Now that you know all about Katt Williams’ network worth, and also how he accomplished success; let’s take it a watch at several of the lessons we deserve to learn indigenous him:

1. Life Is never ever That Bad

We all have actually our good days and we all have actually our poor days. The renowned comedian had actually no difficulty addressing the the critical 72 hours had actually been very rough for him. He even admitted the life was bad right now but he recognized that also if life was negative at some allude life would certainly get much better so why prevent now?

2. Laugh also When It damages With

With number of bruised fingers and also a couple of tetanus shots, Katt Williams literally laughed till it hurt. “ I have actually my steed pills backstage,” the comedian said as he ordered his hand while laughing and obviously fighting tears. “I could be in pay yet I’m gonna endure this show”.

3. It’s okay To recognize You were Wrong

While everyone may have delighted in the short-lived battle between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart. Williams went on air and apologized to Kevin Hart. “I regrettably apologize because that what i said.” ethical of the story? we all have actually days as soon as we are wrong and also admitting that, and also apologizing just proves that you are okay through being the bigger person.

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Katt Williams is a detailed American stand-up comedian and also actor that is best known for his character of Money Mike in ‘Friday after Next’. Having remained in the entertainment company for two decades now, william surely has crafted a well-deserved ar for himself in the business.