Whether you"ve been a pan of the Barefoot Contessa for years or friend only recognize of Ina Garten native the various memes circulating the internet, there"s no doubt the the Contessa is rolling in cash. The 72-year-old chef, author, tv personality, entrepreneur, and former nuclear policy analyst has, before you even incorporate her income with her husband"s, a network worth of $60 million (via Celebrity net Worth). Include on Jeffrey Garten"s investment banker worth and it tallies up to a linked net precious of $120 million. But all of that cash isn"t have to rooted in Garten"s cook career. In fact, the goes means back to few of Garten"s earliest career decisions.

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Before Garten broke into her Food Network stardom, she not only had a pilot"s license and worked as a government aide and also then a White House budget analyst (via PBS), but she additionally was tapping into one of the most lucrative money makers: actual estate. Garten to be flipping residences on the side, until she could afford the purchase that would make her famed (via Washingtonian).

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While it"s relatively likely the Ina Garten could"ve grown her wealth significantly just working in government, flipping houses, and also being married to Jeffrey, in 1978, she made a acquisition that adjusted the entire trajectory of she life. She to buy a little specialty food keep in the Hamptons, christened The Barefoot Contessa Speciality Store. Under Garten"s ownership, the store grew by leaps and bounds, attracting a large array that celebrity clientele, until she ultimately sold the keep in 1996. However, the was just the begin of wherein Garten would make she fortune. 

By 2001, Garten released two cookbooks, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook and Barefoot Contessa Parties, both of which to be wildly successful. Then in 2002, Food Network came calling. The Barefoot Contessa show is quiet running and also Garten proceeds writing cookbooks, to mainly sales (via Variety). 

The money-making ventures execute not end there, though. The Barefoot Contessa additionally has her very own food product line, Barefoot Contessa Pantry, and also her assets include a $4.6 million brand-new York City apartment, and a $10 million east Hampton home. It every tallies as much as her net worth that $60 million.