Dave and Busters is an ext than just for bowling, together it is a restaurant and also entertainment center for friends and families. Except its renowned bowling alleys, Dave and also Buster likewise offers a video arcade and other amenities. The company has end 100 places in the unified States and Canada, all supplying competitive Dave and also Busters game prices.

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Monday - Thursday

10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Per game (Per lane) - Monday-Thursday (Per Hour)$15.00
Shoes Monday-Thursday (Per Person)$3.00
Socks Monday-Thursday (Per Person)$1.00

5:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.

Per game (Per lane) - Monday thru Thursday (Per Hour)$20.00
Shoes - Monday thru Thursday (Per Person)$3.00
Socks- Monday thru Thursday (Per Person)$1.00

Friday - Sunday

10:00 A.M. - 1:00 A.M.

Per game (Per lane) - Friday-Sunday (Per Hour)$35.00
Shoes - Friday-Sunday (Per Person)$3.00
Socks - Friday-Sunday (Per Person)$1.00

House Policies

Bowling: 8 civilization maximum per lane.

Persons under 18 years old have to be add by a guardian period 25+ v a max the 6 persons per guardian.$0.00

Power card Pricing

60 Chips$12.00
125 Chips$23.00
170 Chips$29.00
250 Chips$40.00
375 Chips$56.00
550 Chips$75.00
750 Chips$100.00

4 pat Pack

170 Chips (Per Card)$25.00
250 Chips (Per Card)$35.00
375 Chips (Per Card)$50.00
$2.00 map activation fee because that all brand-new game cards.$0.00

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Company History

Dave and also Busters began in 1982 through the teamwork of James “Buster” Corley and also David Corriveau. Corley ran a restaurant bar if Corriveau own a game and saloon nearby. The two chose to join forces and created Dave and also Busters.

In 1989, together the company continued come grow, Edison brothers Stones bought bulk ownership and also led come the company’s additional expansion. Dave and Busters further increased in 2004 ~ buying Jillian’s. In 2010, Oak Hill resources Partners purchased D and B.


D and B uses a mix of games and also food and drinks. Let’s take it at those features and services and also features.


D and also B games incorporate billiards and bowling, and also their lanes use the latest equipment and top of the line design. Their bowling centers additionally include a multimedia shows. So as you gain a video game of bowling you’ll additionally enjoy the hottest music videos, black color light bowling and a considerable menu.

D and also B also provide billiards games in choose locations. All your billiard tables are made the rosewood and also mahogany. 8 sphere is the most renowned game top top D and B, but there are a lot of other variants available to suit you.

D and also B also has several games in store such together Pac Man, popular music a Shot and Million dissension Midway among others. At any D and also B you’ll watch the walls are packed through simulators and also games. Dance revolution is also obtainable in several locations.

Food and also Drinks

D and also B puts focus not simply on bowling and games but also their menu. Food selection items vary, despite the selections are for late night and early lunch and also cover a wide choice such as chicken, sea food, steaks, burgers, pastas and also desserts. The menu additionally includes variants, buffets, Sunday brunch and so on.

Watch Sports

Would you fairly watch sports? D and B takes sporting activities bar city hall to one more level with numerous HD TVs and also high quality surround sound. They likewise hold sports viewing parties and also offer game day specials.

There space over two dozen kinds of beer to choose from except the cocktails. There are additionally several games available and signature meals and also drinks to make for memorable viewing.

Why pick Dave and Busters?

Dave and Busters offers the finest of both worlds, games and also food. They market the latest and also hottest games, and also as you enjoy you also get to savor delicious foods and drinks. D and also B has actually original margarita concoctions, fruit drinks, appetizers and other treats.

Since 1997 D and also B have actually been utilizing Power Cards to rotate on the arcade games. Think of it together something choose a debit map and also far more effective 보다 tickets and tokens. These strength Cards can be reloaded at D and also B power Stations, and also this makes it less complicated to pat games.

The exact same convenience have the right to be uncovered at your billiards tables and bowling alleys. Your bowling equipment is state the the art and the alley is well designed. The setting is good and is best for the serious and also casual bowler.

If you want to take benefit of this amenities, Dave and Busters hosts parties and also events. If you’ve gained a corporate event, a birthday, team building, youth social event or just want to throw a party for your friends, D and also B electronic came accommodate you.

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060 Chips – $12.00 | 125 Chips – $23.00170 Chips – $29.00 | 250 Chips – $40.00375 Chips – $56.00 | 550 Chips – $75.00750 Chips – $100.00

170 Chips (Per Card) – $25.00250 Chips (Per Card) – $35.00 375 Chips (Per Card) – $50.00$2.00 card activation fee because that all new game cards. – $0.00

Bowling: 8 people maximum every lane.

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Persons under 18 years old have to be accompanied by a guardian period 25+ through a max of 6 persons every guardian.

Dave and Busters uses the best of both worlds, games and also food. They offer the latest and also hottest games, and also as you enjoy you also get come savor delicious foods and drinks. D and also B has original margarita concoctions, fruit drinks, appetizers and also other treats. Click here to see more.