PS5 heat may have the globe in its grasp as I write this article, but readers in search of extra cash might well be questioning themselves ‘how lot is a PS3 precious today?’

The PS3 always had a big pair of pair of shoes to fill after the unprecedented success of the PS2. That didn’t optimal the Nintendo Wii, however it definitely wiped the floor v the Xbox 360, which most certainly put a laugh on the faces of the Sony bigwigs.

This console to be so much more than a games console, however. It to be a multimedia streaming device, enabling players to accessibility the internet, pat songs, present movies, download games, and much lot more.

In countless ways, it to be an all-in-one home entertainment system. It absolutely kept me entertained for hours on end, I deserve to tell you!

But how much is a PS3 worth today? Is the initial still the most expensive, and also what walk a refurbished PS3 at sight Slim offer for?

Let’s uncover out, chandelier we?

(Please note: every one of our sector research and data is take away from eBay, together this is the many common way to offer a PS3 console. Info is accurate as that January 2021, and we will upgrade this short article on a monthly communication to keep you updated and also to reflect top top the fluctuation that prices. All prices room based in USD.)


How lot Is A PS3 Worth?

A offered PS3 is worth in between $41.00 – $520.00 relying on condition and also if the console comes v all its original cables.

Like every antique, treasured heirloom, or item of art, a PS3 will differ in price depending on its condition. Boxed and also with the correct cables, manuals, and inserts, consoles still sell for a pretty penny, especially if they came as component of a games bundle back in the day.

The PS3 sold roughly 87-million systems over that is lifetime, though the original console, sometimes referred to as the ‘fat’ edition, is quiet favoured by plenty of as the best. If the at sight slim opted for a top-loading design, this disc-swallower marvel proceeds to send second-hand shoppers into a frenzy.

It to be the very first console with a HDMI port too, do it somewhat of a historic item in the gaming world!

A used console on its own can go for anywhere from $41 upwards. One bundle recently sold for $520, though many boxed consoles often tend to sell for approximately $350.

Refurbished models with added extras begin at around $53, v the price increasing depending upon how many adjustments the seller has actually added.

Sealed duplicates from Japan sell for upwards of $495. Devices from the United claims in sealed condition have offered for as much as $1,500!

N.B – Prices don’t vary due to hard drive size as the launch model only came with a 80GB difficult drive.

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Used: $41 – $520

Refurbished: $53 – $405

Sealed: $495.00+


How much Is A PS3 Slim Worth?

A provided PS3 Slim is worth between $57 – $400 depending on condition, hard drive size, and also whether the consoles comes boxed or through games.

The Slim version launched back in 2009. Quieter, streamlined, and boasting a lower power consumption, the brand-new console looked more sophisticated. That ditched the shiny plastic look, opting because that a cool matt black color design, and also bore a brand-new PS3 logo design as protest to the composing of old.

Refurbished consoles sell for about $53 without a box, with prices rocketing to $405 for complete sets or bundles. Prices increase dependant on difficult drive dimension too.

Sealed PS3 Slim consoles have tendency to sell for roughly the $489 mark and upwards, with prices doubling for some of the coloured editions.

Used: $57 – $400

Refurbished: $53 – $405

Sealed: $489+


How lot Is A PS3 super Slim Worth?

A offered PS3 super Slim is worth anything in between $46 – $390 relying on condition, tough drive size, and whether it come bundled with gamings or peripherals.

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I psychic buying mine PS3 super Slim indigenous eBay ago in 2014. I wanted the red one, however they kept selling the end super fast, so i opted because that the typical black instead. This to be my favourite PS3 variant; the optimal loading design meant no an ext swallowed discs, and also the entirety thing felt more compact.

Its 25% lighter and also 20% smaller than the slim model, which renders it method lighter than the initial console!

The God of battle PS3 super Slim bundle recently sold in a boxed however used condition for £390. Most consoles sell for under $50, however.

Sealed copies tend to walk for upwards of $429, with a sealed last of us bundle making a whopping $999.99!

Used: $46 – $390

Refurbished: $149 – $345

Sealed: $429+


How much Is A PS3 Controller Worth?

A provided PS3 Controller sell for between $5 -$120 depending on condition and rarity, with minimal edition controllers fetching a higher price.

Ah, the beauty beauty of the Wireless Controller. Nowadays, it’s the norm, yet the PS3 heralded the end of wired remotes and also shipped through wireless controllers as standard.

We recently discovered a sealed Pink DualShock 3 controller that sold for $300, despite most brand-new controllers walk for approximately $15. As I said above, the coloured variants sell for more, as carry out crystal-case editions.

Refurbished controllers often tend to price upwards of $17, putting them at a similar starting price come most brand-new models. The course, there are lots of unbranded controllers out there ~ above the internet, yet the prices quoted right here are because that Sony branded controllers.

Used: $5 – $120

Refurbished $17 – $59

Sealed – $15 – $300

And there we have actually it! thank you for checking out our article on how much is a PS3 worth today. Remember to always look for Sony branding when exploring second-hand auctions, and always check seller feedback when purchasing online.

Stick around and find out the answer come ‘how much is a PS2 worth‘.


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