Victorian gold Sovereign coins can make a wonderful gift or investment and are among the most famous forms of physical gold.

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But what are the Sovereigns worth

With the price that gold moving steadily upwards end the years and money an extremely tight for many of us, it might be time to destruction out those coins us were handed under by our cool Parents come raise some much-needed funds. If you lucky enough to have been offered the coins, you’ll check out why Sovereigns space such a an excellent investment as the price has actually risen dramatically.

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1. Underlying yellow Price

We always start deriving the value of a Victorian yellow Sovereign coin indigenous the underlying gold price, known as the spot price. This price is usually quoted in assorted currencies in ounces and also grammes and acts together a benchmark to worth the various varieties of gold. The value of a Victorian gold Sovereign will certainly be at a premium or discount come this benchmark – with the very first step being to main point the ounce spot price by 0.2354 (which is the gold load of a sovereign coin in ounces). The underlying gold price values all gold-based coins consisting of Gold Sovereigns and also Gold Britannias.

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2. What sort of Victorian gold Sovereign do I have

It’s vital to note that no all victorian Sovereign coins room valued the same. 95% of them will likely fetch the very same price regardless of the year of issue. But other determinants to take into consideration would it is in the problem of the coin, the year of issue and the rarity that the coin. Because that instance, there are 3 arrays of Victorian heads available, each of which may attract various collectors or buyers (Young Head, Jubilee Head, Old Head).

The Victoria Old Head SovereignWhy does this matter

With victorian holding the document for longest British woman monarch, increase until newly when Queen Elizabeth took she crown (sorry!), the sovereignty issued throughout her extensive reign to be updated twice. Obviously, the Young head portrait represents the early years of her reign as soon as she to be a young woman. Thus they’re the earliest Victorian coins of the three and worth the most. Prices because that young head coins have the right to be about 15-20% than later on portraits. This coins are additionally unique together they were created in what’s called ‘coin alignment’ This means that the portrait side and reverse side space upside down to each other.

The Young Head victorian Sovereign trades above the other two portraitsHow around the later versions

The jubilee head to be the next version come be introduced

Condition of Sovereigns will certainly be a value factorWhat else perform I need to know

Generally, the second-hand Sovereign market will provide a great price because that Victorian sovereignty as lengthy as there isn’t visible damage to the coin or small pieces missing. Clearly, a coin of over 100 years in age isn’t expected to be in pristine condition. You might want to inspect whether your Victorian coin falls into the 5% of Sovereigns precious significantly more than others. If your coin is a shield back, climate this might instantly need a premium over continual coins. Years of low print runs (and thus rarity) will likewise command a additional premium.

Examples the mintmarksHow deserve to I benefit

Depending on i m sorry branch mint the coin to be made, particular coins deserve to be precious more, depending upon the quantity produced by every mint. For instance, if the miscellaneous Australian mints developed Sovereign coins for in between 30 and 50 years, Ottowa and Pretoria mints only created for about a decade, v Bombay just minting throughout 1918!

Mint marks come look out for space London (L), Sydney (S), Melbourne (M), Perth (P), Ottowa (C), Bombay (I) and Pretoria (SA).

4. Timing

Exactly as soon as you pick to sell or worth your victor Sovereign will influence its value. We’ve already talked about the underlying yellow price, and also how the worth of any gold bar or coin is calculated from that suggest first. Clearly selling her Gold victor Sovereign once the yellow price is high will dramatically enhance the precious of your coin. Yet there are two various other timing elements which beat a role.

Market sentiment

The supply and also demand dynamics the gold room fluid. In various other words, there are times as soon as supply is particularly tight, perhaps because of mine closures or investor hoarding your gold. Various other times, we see numerous supplies of also the more numismatic gold coins. Similarly, demand can fluctuate greatly. In particular, we experience the same theme time and again, that demand for yellow rises as soon as there’s economic or politics unrest and also then decreases during durations of financial prosperity and global peace.

So how deserve to I actually usage this

Intuition and also common feeling tell united state one gold rule with investing. Buy low and sell high. Simple! However, with gold investing, retail buyers often tend to purchase gold as the price is increasing or already high as they’re seeking a for sure haven. When newspaper headlines attribute stories of impending banking crises, Brexit disasters and also world wars, retail investors buy gold coins and also bars as protection against possible stock market crashes and property price declines. Unfortunately, lock buying in ~ high prices as everyone else is also looking to purchase.

Conversely, when equity and property industries do well and political news is quiet, the yellow price falls. Once this happens, many investors offer their gold together they feel the poor times room over. Again, the timing isn’t good as they’re marketing at a low price.

But it it s okay worse since dealers will react come supply-demand dynamics, further amplifying the movement of the market. In other words, as soon as everyone is selling, dealers will pay lower premiums for Victorian coins together there’s a spike in supply and also fewer buyers in the market. When everyone is buying and also very couple of offloading victor Sovereigns, premiums go as much as reflect the an obstacle in sourcing the coins.

Just prefer the clever money – think hedge funds and main banks, shot to buy her gold sovereigns as soon as the price is low and everyone rather is selling. If you can, sell them once the industry is high and everyone rather is helping push up premiums.

Which price point to take

If she looking to sell your Victorian yellow Sovereign, make sure you agree v the buyer if the price is solved or set on either the live yellow spot price or the LBMA yellow fixing. Top top a volatile day v lots of financial news releases, the gold price deserve to fluctuate considerably. The difference between fixing a price on the morning fix, afternoon solve or live point out price, deserve to have a large impact top top the worth of her Sovereign.

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5. That you sell to

Is my coin worth a premium or discount come the spot price

If your coin is considered to hold a numismatic value due to the year of worry or style (a value over and above simply the yellow content), then it will undoubtedly fetch a premium to the point out price, in some cases up to 75% more. Otherwise, the value of the coin will rely on who you ultimately sell to, and also the current state and also volatility of the gold market.

Selling come ‘Cash for Gold’ web page or a jeweller will certainly undoubtedly achieve the largest discount come the benchmark (the shortest price) as these buyers will seek to melt under the gold and also profit from her sale. However, this route might offer the convenience of merely dropping in the coin locally.

Selling to a collector may achieve a high premium as an individual may need your coin to finish a collection. However, you might be wait for years to find the ‘right’ collector and you likewise expose you yourself to the danger of taking care of the windy or tiny unknown intermediaries.

Selling to a gold dealer should achieve a worth close to the point out price while offering both convenience and safety. This coins are tax complimentary in the UK which method gold dealer’s specialising in yellow investment have actually a an excellent need because that these coins. Indeed, at the moment supplies of second-hand sovereigns are specifically tight as result of the demand for physical gold, meaning that the brand new gold sovereign coins are far better valued 보다 old ones.

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 If you were handed the coin many years ago, you might be happy to recognize that a coin worth roughly £20 as soon as it was provided to friend 10 year or more ago may be worth more than £200 now.