Get smarter about recycling and also refining Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and also Electronics scrap. Find tips and also strategies to reclaim covert profits from her precious steel scrap.

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Gold and Silver course Rings

When students graduate from high college or college, their family members want to buy lock something that has enduring value. That defines why Balfour, Jostens and also other machines still sell rings that space made that 10K or 12K gold. In earlier decades, ring were frequently made of yellow too, so it payment to it is in on the lookout because that rings that you can find in junk shops or legacy sales. Some current gold class rings noted on eBay incorporate a 10K yellow 1945 class ring from the college of Detroit, a 12K gold 1928 ring native Redwood falls High School, and many others. This rings every contain gold the is worth around $250-$300 at current trading prices. It is likewise not uncommon to uncover sterling silver course rings the contain silver that is worth $25, $50 or more. The lesson? store your eyes open, and also call united state at 800-426-2344 if you find something interesting.

Silver and also Silver-Plated Trophies

Trophies that room made this day usually contain only a thin plating of gold – in many cases, not enough gold come be extracted by a qualified yellow refinery. In years past, countless trophies to be made of one of two people solid sterling silver or silver-plated basic metals. A current review that trophies because that sale top top eBay uncovered a hard sterling silver trophy cup that had 125g of silver, worth about $60 in pure metal. There was additionally a Victorian silver- trophy cup that had 335g of pure silver, worth about $170 at present trading prices. Again, keep your eyes open and also call us to find out more.

Silver Beer Steins

It have the right to be a mistake come assume that all old metal beer steins room made of low-cost pewter, one alloy comprised of 85%+ tin and also copper, lead, or other metals. (Please remember no to drink from antique pewter beer steins, which can contain dangerous quantities of lead.) silver steins room worth much more if friend can uncover them. One example? top top eBay, we discovered a sterling silver beer stein the contained around 40g of silver, worth around $20. That could not sound favor much, but if have actually a collection of silver steins, you might have a arsenal that might be profitably recycled by our expert silver refinery.

Sterling silver Lighters and Ashtrays

Not too countless years ago, plenty of smokers owned large, heavy cigarette lighters the were do of one of two people solid sterling silver or silver-plate. Silver and also silver-plated ashtrays were well-known too. Today, it is straightforward to discover those item in legacy sales and also antique stores. One example? We discovered an neck tabletop lighter on eBay the contains about 3.5 ounces of silver the is worth end $50. That sounds like tiny potatoes, but if you have the right to snap increase a group of such items in ~ giveaway prices, you can recycle lock profitably.

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Contact Specialty metals Smelters & Refiners around Recycling her Silver and also Gold

We are below to answer all your questions about gold and also silver items the you have actually found. Contact us in ~ 800-426-2344 for a cost-free consultation.

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