According to the Centers for condition Control and Prevention (CDC), car mishaps are a leading reason of death for world aged one come 54, and also over 2 million adults were treated in emergency rooms because that injuries pertained to traffic crashes in 2012.

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In addition to the new technology emerging to make car travel safer, specialists still tout the prominence of one simple and tested safety and security measure: seat belt use. The CDC reports the obeying seat belt regulations can reduced the danger of injury and also death in a website traffic accident in half, yet numerous Americans still do not buckle up when they travel the nation’s roads.

More and more, claims are transforming seat belt and child restraint legislations to encourage drivers and also passengers to use this simple measure.

Georgia chair Belt regulations for Passenger Cars

Laws differ by state through regards to age and vehicle position. In Georgia, a passenger vehicle is defined as any vehicle design to deliver ten passengers or fewer. Also, the state has what are known as major seat belt laws, which method law enforcement officials have the right to stop a vehicle and issue a ticket if they observe noncompliance. In other states, seat belt citations can only be issued if the driver is stopped for one more traffic infraction.

Seat belt laws in Georgia include rules for:

Driver and also front chair passengers. All drivers and also front seat passengers are required by law to undertake a seat belt. This is true in every state except new Hampshire. Georgia ranks among the finest in the country with compliance in this area, v 92 percent of drivers and also front chair passengers using their chair belts. Failure to comply with this law could result in a ticket and also a good of $15.All passengers aged 8 to 17. Georgia law likewise states the in addition to the driver and front chair passengers, all passengers in between the eras of eight and also 17 need to wear a chair belt, nevertheless of their place in the vehicle. Fail to comply v this legislation could an outcome in a ticket and also a $25 fine for the driver of the vehicle.

The law also prohibits any type of person under the age of 18 from riding in the open up bed that a pickup truck. A driver who permits this practice might be discovered guilty that a misdemeanor.

These rule to not use to motorcycles, off-road vehicles being used by those over period 18, or any kind of vehicle offered for farming purposes and typical to a farmer’s daily operations.

Exceptions to Georgia Passenger vehicle Seat Belt Laws

There room some remarkable exceptions come the passenger auto seat belt rules, which encompass travel in a taxi or bus, or in instances in i m sorry a clinical condition avoids a passenger from being secured in the declared manner.

Other exceptions provided in Georgia state include:

Drivers or passengers making regular stops and also exits of the auto or delivering building from the vehicle. The auto must also not travel more than 15 mph between stops.Drivers operation a automobile in reverse.Drivers and passengers in a vehicle with a design year before 1965.Rural letter carrier employed by the United states Postal Service.Drivers who are delivering newspapers.Drivers or passenger in a automobile performing one emergency service.

Over 11,300 world were killed in auto accidents in Georgia in between the years 2003 and 2012. This to represent an median of end 1,000 people each year. In few of these cases, these deaths could have been avoided by chair belt use. Seat belt use has actually been proven to stop ejections, among the many deadly occurrences in auto crashes. Not only is chair belt usage a method to stay safer ~ above the roads, the is the regulation in Georgia.

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