Magic mushrooms, psychedelics that have actually multiplied in popularity over the last few years, can be grown, picked normally or bought indigenous a dealer or dispensary.

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The cost of shrooms have the right to vary, and it have the right to be tough to know whether you’re securing a good deal or gaining ripped off—the downside to having actually so many options now once looking come buy shrooms.

The good thing is that sites choose The Fun men are easily accessible for world to supply shrooms in ~ a same price.

We’ve laid the end the different forms that shrooms and have written a rough guide for just how much shrooms cost.


$60 for 28 GRAMS



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Price to Buy Magic Mushrooms

As there space two main ways;buy shrooms digital in Canada or with a psychedelics dealer, the pricing can vary. Buying digital from a dispensary have the right to be much easier as you deserve to browse other sites and compare the prices per gram or ounce before purchasing.

When girlfriend buy from a dealer, many aspects come right into play, such as their product demand, the lull of acquiring magic mushrooms to sell, and the type of shrooms castle offer.

Another variable to think about when do the efforts to identify the price of shrooms is the form you desire to buy them. For example, entirety dried shrooms are frequently priced an extremely differently from edibles or microdosing options, so it’s a an excellent idea to know what form of type you want first before researching prices.

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How much Do Shrooms Cost?

So exactly how much do shrooms cost? Although prices will differ from country to country, and even from one city to another, we’ve damaged down magic mushroom products into their different forms so you can gain a rough idea of just how much each form of shroom form is marketed for.

(All that our presented prices are in Canadian $)

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Whole Dried Shrooms

So what carry out dried magic mushrooms cost? There are several factors you require to think about when girlfriend buy shrooms, yet on average, the cost is as follows:

Cost per gram the shrooms:$7-$12

Cost of one Eighth the Shrooms: $20-40

Cost Per oz of shrooms:$200-$350 on median (depending ~ above the type)


Edibles include products infused with magic mushrooms, such as chocolates,gummiesand teas. Restaurant andmicrodosing pillsare frequently weighed every mg, for this reason it’s tricky to to compare the prices with whole dried shrooms, but as a stormy guide, microdosing capsules can price on average up to $80 because that a party of 30 pills.

Edibles prefer chocolates have tendency to it is in cheaper, however if they contain high level of magic mushrooms, the prices can increase. Because pricing for finished commodities is based upon the volume that mushrooms, the greater the dosage the product is, the greater the value. For example, one edible could have an eighth or 4 minutes 1 ounce that shrooms. Store this in mind as you don’t want to trip too hard!

Foraging for Magic Mushrooms

Home grown Magic Mushrooms

There is a cost linked with growing shrooms native a spore kit; the container, the substrate, the spore kit itself, the lighting, and not to cite your time. The an ext you practice, the cheaper that becomes every gram, together your costs are spread over much more products. Anyone can do that too!

How to conserve Money on Psychedelics

The trick to saving money is to pick the appropriate company. Numerous companies don’t have a great supply from genuine mycologists or haven’t excellent the suitable research, so your product is shit. The quality & amount of psilocybin is poor.

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We see this concern all the time, exactly how come a merchant is offering the product because that so little? Probably due to the fact that they room substituting one strain because that a much more expensive one, many places do this. They want to stock what’s in demand. If girlfriend have any questions or comments, you re welcome email us for more info; we will reply in ~ 24 hours.

So saving on shrooms is just as straightforward as buying from us, save your time & research, buy shrooms you’ll love native The funny Guys!